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40 years ago: Proposal would abolish Lawrence, KC provosts

June 18, 2010


A proposal was to be submitted to the Kansas Board of Regents for streamlining the administrative organization at Kansas University. Under the new plan, the posts of provosts on the Lawrence and Kansas City campuses would be abolished. The responsibility for campus affairs would be assigned to four individuals who would be designated vice chancellors.

Arthur McDonald, a 16-year-old Lawrence High student, was leading the charge against the illegal growing of pot in the area. His organization, RDOM (Rid Douglas County of Marijuana), was scheduled to begin spraying fields where marijuana was known to be growing. McDonald had appealed successfully to some private organizations for financial assistance after the county commission was unable legally to fund his project.

The City Hall was scheduled to move to the First National Bank Building, which was then under construction at Ninth and Massachusetts. There were lingering questions about the eventual fate of the then-current city hall located at 11th and Mass., which had been willed to the city by Mrs. J. B. Watkins with the stipulation that it be used for city purposes only.


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