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Topeka rejects ban on openly carrying guns

June 17, 2010


— People in Topeka can continue to walk around with their guns displayed after the City Council rejected a ban Tuesday on openly toting weapons in public.

Supporters of the ban, including Police Chief Ron Miller and assistant city attorney Kyle Smith — a former agent with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation — told council members they had the right to regulate ownership and use of guns in the city.

It was reported that opponents of the ban cited the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment giving them the right to bear arms.


KEITHMILES05 8 years ago

If the police and all of law enforcement took care of the problems in Topeka then the citizens wouldn't be clammoring to take matters into their own hands.

There have been numerous scandals involving TPD and SCSO. Hence, citizens have lost faith in law enforcement.

Nice to see the city council listen to the citizens for a change.

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