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Lawrence woman reports car stolen

June 15, 2010


A 40-year-old Lawrence woman reported Sunday the theft of a vehicle from the 500 block of Graystone Drive. According to police reports, the incident occurred between 10:30 p.m. Saturday and 2 a.m. Sunday. The value of the car was listed at $3,000.


backyardwino 8 years ago

...without a description, what is the value of this article?

whatadrag 8 years ago

look for a suspicious car that may be worth about $3k

whatadrag 8 years ago

Why didn't they post an article the last time I got pulled over?

skinny 8 years ago

It'd help if the LJWorld printed the year, make, color of the vehicle stolen so that if the general public were to see the car they could call the police department. Again, all the other papers in the state of Kansas print this information. What is LJWorld excuse for not printing stolen car descriptions now? This ought to be good!! LJWorld?????

whatadrag 8 years ago

The information is being withheld at the cars' request. LJWorld respects auto privacy.

Blessed4x 8 years ago

To give the car's color would be racist, skinny. I can't believe that you could be so bigoted.

ClaroAtaxia 8 years ago

This article is a perfect example of your typical LJWorld FAIL. I wrote more informative articles in 3rd grade.

whatadrag 8 years ago

There are maybe 4 or 5 of those slowing traffic down in front of me as I ride my motorcycle and post this on my phone.

bopro 8 years ago

Did we leave our keys in the car.

whatadrag 8 years ago

Shouldn't have rode the bike to work today

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