40 years ago: Yippie announces sheriff candidacy

In the presence of an audience jammed into the Tansy bookstore, 1144 Indiana Street, George Kimball announced his intention to file as an independent candidate for Douglas County sheriff. Kimball, who had been active in the Youth International Party and was currently the minister of defense for the Lawrence chapter of the White Panther party, called for the abolition of a minimum voting age, the end of environmental pollution, and more freedom to enjoy marijuana and LSD as “part of our culture.” He spoke of his intentions to demonstrate “the superiority of our revolutionary culture… We seek to place our candidate in the sheriff’s office not in order to improve that office but in order to destroy it.”

An editorial called attention to the need for an attractive, large convention center in Lawrence, particularly in light of the recent destruction of the Kansas Union ballroom and the closing of the Eldridge Hotel.