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County error costs Scouts 1 camp day

June 12, 2010


A scheduling mix-up on the event calendar for the Douglas County 4-H Fairgrounds caused some disappointment and anger among local Cub Scouts this week.

The annual Day Camp was scheduled to run Monday through Friday this week. Scouting leaders said they had to cancel the last day of the event after being told by county officials late Wednesday that a county employee had double-booked the fairgrounds.

Megan Helm, associate program director for the Day Camp, said the event allowed about 270 children to participate in a variety of outdoor activities, including BB gun shooting, archery, crafts and outdoor sports.

Helm said it was disappointing to have the camp cut short unexpectedly.

The last-minute change forced organizers to scramble to get as many Scouts as possible to participate in the most popular activities and then to hurriedly take down their equipment Thursday night.

“It was terrifically stressful,” she said. “I made every effort to get all the kids through BBs and archery.”

Craig Weinaug, Douglas County administrator, said a county employee had not realized that the time required for the Scouts to take down their equipment and leave the park would overlap with the next event’s set-up time — in this case, a cat show and a horse show were booked for the fairgrounds this weekend.

“The day that the next event would be setting up and the day that the Scouts would be tearing down is generally not the same day,” Weinaug said.

Regretfully, he said, county employees did not communicate with county leaders before telling the Scouts that the last day of the camp was canceled.

“It was a great failure to communicate,” Weinaug said, and added that if county leaders had been made aware of the problem earlier, a potential solution that satisfied everyone likely could have been found.

Helm said that while she was disappointed with the result, she understood how the situation happened and that mistakes could be made.

“We’re just hoping that it doesn’t happen again,” she said.


KU_cynic 8 years ago

I recommend that Douglas County give every Cub Scout a free pass to the the outdoor pool to make up for the snafu.

otto 8 years ago

Wednesday to Friday - How much more time do you need to find a solution?

Is BP secretely behind our county government?

Kat Christian 8 years ago

LOL - this is what I'm talking about. What do they do bury their heads in the sand when they are faced with a real solution to solve. Duh!!

irvan moore 8 years ago

Who decided that the cat show and horse show got the fairgrounds instead of the scouts?

Kat Christian 8 years ago

I would say the scouts are more important than a cat show. Even if I do love cats.

Kat Christian 8 years ago

This is no surprise to me. How many other "mistakes" are not published that county employees have not "communicated" to others? That's the problem nowaday - people just don't communicate for a number of reasons. We need to practice commicating with each and cross-references information. People become so complacent in their jobs they no longer feel it is necessary to be efficient. Fire that person, hire me I'll make certain that never happens again.

repaste 8 years ago

The "person" in charge of scheduling has gotter many complaints in the past for being rude, unhelpful, unavailable, and uninvolved. I have never met her, ahave no opinion, but am repeating info from many sources. Her supervisor supports her fully. Try to confirm this one on your own, don't take my word.

Stuart Evans 8 years ago

"she said. “I made every effort to get all the kids through BBs and archery.”

Because these are the most important things that every young boy needs to know. How to aim to kill. Perhaps more emphasis on thrifty or honor would be more helpful in the modern world. I'm not really ragging on Ms. Helm; but she does lend lip service to the general direction that the scouts has aimed at for years.

KU_cynic 8 years ago

The shooting sports are consistently the most popular activities at Day Camp. Making sure kids get these activities in suits their needs and desires, not some nefarious agenda.

hipper_than_hip 8 years ago

There are many tools available to teach positive life skills to our youth, and shooting sports just happens to be one of them.

Shooting sports, like BB gun and archery, helps to promote positive developmental skills that will span a lifetime; skills like responsible citizenship, self-motivation, self-discipline, problem solving, and critical thinking.

ranger73 8 years ago

Apparently you know nothing about scouting, normal, or you would know that shooting sports are just one of the tools used to promote and learn those skills to which you refer. Those are just a small part of the events the kids were able to do, and it's a shame the county felt a cat and pony show were more important than the skills and crafts Ms. Helm and her staff were trying to bring to the youth of Douglas County.

Kathy Gates 8 years ago

While I appreciate Weinaug's statement about the possibility of a different outcome had employees communicated with county leadership, his comments leaves room for more explanation. Day camp had scheduled activities planned until 3:00 on Friday with an obvious need for time to clean up after. Two other events scheduled to begin on Friday clearly not be chalked up to set up and take down overlaps. What time were the shows on Friday scheduled to begin?

tnt1985 8 years ago

This sounds like a problem that could have been easily solved by applying any of the following traits that are sadly lacking at all levels of government: creativity, flexibility, common sense. Just wait until this same mentality permeates the way we obtain our health care. The fair grounds is a big place with lots of buildings that could accommodate all parties during the overlap IF the government mentality had not been the basis for the "problem solving" that took place.

Mary Alexander 8 years ago

I know for a fact that the scouts didn't have to concell on Firday. Infact they only were requested to give the cat club time to set-up in building #21. The ground crew needed to work the dirt in the arena during the afternnon. They could have had their day camp on Firday. There was building #1 & #2, apron and meeting room in the arena building and all the grounds. I myself do not understand why they felt they needed to cancel their event. I was able to found this out with a phone call. Communication is a two way street.

BlackVelvet 8 years ago

The cat show wasn't the only thing and I think it was necessary to cancel. There was a horse show going on as well. Little kids and lots of horses....hmmm. The horse show folks wanted time to set up on Friday and how would you cram lots of kids in one area in the heat? Canceling was the safe option maybe not the only one. Scheduling was the problem. Day camp wasn't something new. They knew this was a conflict.

Kathy Gates 8 years ago

Day camp uses all of Building 21, all of the arena, building 1 and 2, the shelter, and the most of the grounds. This was a case of a county worker screwup and 270 kids had their camp cut short a day because of it.

GardenMomma 8 years ago

The cat & horse show probably pay more money to use the facilities.

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