What other KU coaches are saying about Perkins’ retirement

June 11, 2010


Football coach Turner Gill:

On Lew Perkins: “I am saddened and I love him. Lew has done some great things for the University of Kansas and all of college athletics during his career. He has had a tremendous influence on all student-athletes he has had contact with. His leaving doesn’t affect the vision our staff has for our football program. We are here to build relationships with our fans, alumni and everyone associated with the university and to bring excellence to our football program.”

Women’s basketball coach Bonnie Henrickson:

“In speaking with Lew, when he shared with me his decision to retire, for him personally I was happy. But honestly, professionally for women’s basketball and for the athletic department, it saddens me because he has been a great leader. He’s been a great role model for me. I’ve known him for a long, long time, before I ever got here. He has carried the flag for women’s basketball across the country from an administrative standpoint, even prior to him being at Connecticut. He made what used to be very unpopular decisions for women’s basketball popular for the sport — revenue, resources.

“For him personally, for his family, for his grandchildren, for (wife) Gwen, I’m happy for him. I just wrestle with my own sadness for his retirement.”

Volleyball coach Ray Bechard:

On Lew Perkins: “Lew gave our Olympic sports an opportunity to compete at a higher level because of what he did for our student-athletes. We travel better. Our budget is better to recruit. Our student-athletes have a better opportunity to be competitive, and I know student-athletes and coaches that have worked for him forever will be thankful for that.”

On the state of the Big 12: “When it all settles, we might be in a place as good or better than what we were. That’s what we’ve got to look to. We have a tremendous product to sell. The university has been a lot of things to a lot of people. It’ll continue to be that way.”


anon1958 8 years ago

Where are comments from Mangino? How about something from the woman that toiled her whole life building up the women's basketball team?

namder 8 years ago

Maybe it's time Bonnie performs or she can use Lew's references when looking for a new job.

whats_going_on 8 years ago



and extremely, EXTREMELY lame.

yankeevet 8 years ago

Arent there anymore coach comments??

Zachary Stoltenberg 8 years ago

They couldn't print what the rest of the coaches thought of Dirty Lew...

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