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Pork ‘Other White Meat’ no more

June 11, 2010


— For more than two decades, pork has been known as “The Other White Meat.” Now industry insiders think it’s time the meat got a new reputation.

The National Pork Board plans to replace its ubiquitous advertising slogan with something officials hope will improve stagnant sales. The slogan, first launched 23 years ago, was successful in rebranding the meat as a dinnertime favorite.

“It did its job, for sure, back in 1987. It was phenomenal,” said Ceci Snyder, the Des Moines based board’s vice president of marketing. “It really changed minds.”

Television commercials featured the slogan and showed pork surrounded by other healthy foods to illustrate how pork had fewer calories than one would think.

But over time, Snyder said, people forgot what the tagline meant, and it doesn’t seem to have helped sales, which for decades have hovered near 50 pounds a year for the average American.


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