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Police track down suspect, 20, in Shawnee shooting

June 11, 2010


Some old-fashioned police work combined with an age-old criminal misstep — returning to the scene of the crime — led to the arrest of the man now charged in a shooting June 4 in Shawnee.

Thursday afternoon, Michael Owens Williams, 20, Shawnee, made his first appearance in Johnson County District Court, where he was charged with attempted first-degree murder. Judge Peter V. Ruddick set Williams’ bond at $750,000.

Shawnee Police spokesman Bill Hisle said that about 10 p.m. June 4, Shawnee resident Donovan E. Walker arrived at Shawnee Mission Medical Center with an injury suffered from a shotgun wound, and police were notified.

Walker, 37, told police that between 9:15 and 9:35 that night, he had been in a road rage altercation with a man riding a red, high-performance motorcycle. The incident started in the 6100 block of Nieman Road, where Walker said the two drivers exchanged words and parted. Then Walker went into a pizza restaurant. He told police that when he came out he noticed the other driver was following him again, this time in a red, two-door passenger car, possibly a Nissan or Toyota. The two eventually drove to a parking lot in the 10300 block of Shawnee Mission Parkway, where both got out of their vehicles, and Walker was shot.

Police put out the call for the public’s assistance in locating a suspect, described in part as a white or Hispanic male with dark curly or wavy hair, 25 to 30 years old.

The suspect continued to elude police, but Hisle said earlier this week an officer on patrol was driving in the parking lot where the shooting reportedly occurred and noticed a red, high-performance motorcycle. The officer ran a check on the bike’s license plate and followed it up with a check of the vehicle’s owner. The driver’s license photo of the bike’s owner, Hisle said, matched the description of the suspect in the shooting.

The police work didn’t end there. Hisle said police then determined the same person who was listed as the owner of the cycle also owned a red, two-door that fit the description of the second car involved in the altercation.

Police arrested Williams just before noon Wednesday and recovered the shotgun they believe was used in the shooting.


maxcrabb 8 years ago

A shotgun!? How did this guy survive?

kusp8 8 years ago


ask Cheney's friend how you survive from a shotgun blast. Ha.

eotw33 8 years ago

He was standing to far away and the guy that shot him obviously doesn't know his own guns capabilities which is why he shouldn't own them.

maxcrabb 8 years ago

Very true. I was assuming the guys were within speaking range. I guess it was more of a shouting match across the lot.

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