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Another comeback for Bill Clinton

June 11, 2010


— Bill Clinton’s back.

The former two-term president may have finally found a role in Obama world after struggling to fit in after the caustic Democratic presidential campaign that sullied his reputation.

Clinton is heading up special projects for Haiti and outreach to North Korea for the White House. He was the closer in rural Pennsylvania last month, helping Democratic Rep. Mark Critz win a special election. His campaigning was a factor in Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s narrow victory in Tuesday’s Democratic runoff in Arkansas.

Now, he’s hoping to rally voters for vulnerable Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the swing state of Nevada. Clinton was the headliner at a rally Thursday night, wondering out loud why Reid’s seat is in jeopardy.

“Why would you give away the Senate majority leader who has delivered time and time and time again?” Clinton asked about 700 Nevada voters at the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy. Reid was in Washington.

Democratic candidates up and down the ballot are requesting his help, seeking his backslapping politicking and high-dollar fundraising prowess. And there’s little doubt that this political creature is basking in the attention, if not coveting the opportunity to campaign for Democrats where President Barack Obama may not be as welcome.


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