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40 years ago: KU turmoil affecting art camp

June 11, 2010


Residents of many Kansas counties and cities were skeptical of their preliminary census figures. In Salina, for instance, the 1970 figure of 37,095 showed a drop since the 1960 figure of 43,202. However, Lawrence and Douglas County leaders were not calling for a recount, although they were still expressing surprise at the lower-than-expected increases in their population figures.

The recent turmoil at Kansas University was having a definite impact on attendance at the Midwestern Music and Art Camp. Director Russell L. Wiley reported that he had received nearly 100 letters from concerned parents who were “plainly afraid” to send their children to the KU campus.

The city was planning to remove up to 100 dead or dying elm trees during the remainder of the year in an effort to save the remaining trees. The forestry division of the park department would handle the removal of the trees on the city right-of-way. Trees on private company were marked for removal at the property owner’s expense.


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