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Next-best fit for KU? Big/Pac-20

June 10, 2010


Now that Nebraska has set the dominoes tumbling and the Big 12 is teetering on the brink of extinction, it’s time to consider what becomes the best-case scenario for Kansas University.

Of all the possibilities discussed lately, the one that looks most attractive for Kansas, should the Big 12 disappear, involves a 20-team league that merges the Pac-10 schools with 10 Big 12 institutions.

This scenario discussed at the recent Pac-10 meetings didn’t get as much play as the one wherein the conference raids six Big 12 teams, but it was discussed.

Since Nebraska has found a new home in the Big Ten, that leaves one school left to entertain itself.

Which member is left homeless?

Not Baylor. Politically, it’s easier for Texas, Texas A&M; and Texas Tech to bring along Baylor. Not Kansas State. You want KU’s perennial powerhouse basketball program to join the conference, welcome its in-state rival, too. Not Colorado. Geographically, it makes sense. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are in, too. Iowa State? The school never whined about Texas getting a bigger slice of the TV revenue pie. The loyal conference member deserves inclusion. Plus, the cheeseburger soup at Hickory Park in Ames can’t be replaced.

Four from Texas, two from Oklahoma, two from Kansas, one from Colorado and one from Iowa. That makes 10.

Missouri is left to fend for itself for having the gall to think it was attractive enough to scare the Big 12 by courting the Big Ten, a whiny move that infuriated the Texas schools.

Such a ground-breaking merger would allow for schedules weighted toward playing the vast majority of conference games against opponents that are closest geographically, thus minimizing travel expenses for the schools and time expenses for the student-athletes. The Pacific Division champion plays the Central Division champion in every sport, a small step toward a playoff system in football.

Nebraska’s impending departure will lead many to believe NU athletic director Tom Osborne turned his back on the conference that was such a big part of his life because he harbors ill will toward Texas for hogging the television revenues.

Not so fast.

One man in the know says Osborne was “lukewarm at best” about the move Nebraska is expected to announce as early as Friday. Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman, believing joining hands with so many prestigious universities would raise his school’s academic reputation and attract more research dollars, drove the move.

Even though Osborne didn’t turn his back on his Big 12 brethren, his athletic program must pay the price. Those Nebraska left behind should blackball the Cornhuskers, never again playing them or Missouri in any scheduled sporting event.

Barring an unexpected last-minute snag — Notre Dame stepping forward to join the Big Ten and blocking Nebraska before the ink dries on any contract — and supposing the Pac-10 and Big 12 form a 20-school merger, where would that leave Missouri?

Two words: Who cares?


anon1958 8 years ago

This has to be one of the worst articles about conference armageddon posted anywhere on the internet. I have never been to a single KU game the 15+ years I was a professor at KU and I could write circles around Keegan on the subject of sports.

Has Keegan read anything at all before writing this nonsense? Baylor is NOT going to the PAC 16. Anne Richards is not the gov of Texas anymore and the left coast schools are not going to let in a religious school headed up by Kenneth Freaking Starr, enemy of all liberals. LMAO at Baylor getting in, the current governor of Texas doesnt give a damn about Baylor. Stanford would choke on a hot-tub before it will let Baylor in!

The PAC 10 doesnt want KU basketball because KU doesnt bring a tv market and without any doubt they would not want to further dilute their revenues by bringing KSTATE along. There is no polite way to say this but Keegan's article is just inane.

Keegan just seems to be totally and completely unaware of breaking news and what is actually driving this whole realignment. Pathetic article. Worthy of Woodling and about as well thought out as something George Curley would ramble on about.

Gregory Newman 8 years ago

You are correct on just about everything except we on the west coast don't watch college sports. That is why there is such a big attraction to get the Texas schools in You in the Midwest are glued to the TV as well as attend. LA has a ton of KU alumni and everytime the Hawks played UCLA in Pauley they got out attended. There are 18 Pro sports teams on the west coast and a ton of malls to spend money in before SUNDAY ball. This will be a move like ENRON did to Cali. Plus ESPN would kill for Hawk basketball irreguardless of where they land you need to do some research on the ratings. I left Lawrence in 1969 although I've been in Cali I know whats up out here and it ain't college sports on TV. Plus academically Kansas is known as the wheat belt Berkeley.

Gregory Newman 8 years ago

your mom didnt say that last night and she left with Dorothy in OZ

thasler 8 years ago

there is no such word as "irreguardless." you just say regardless....

Gregory Newman 8 years ago

in kansas you wouldn't have a clue you're leagueless HaHa!! catch a cold Texas will be gone

Gregory Newman 8 years ago

much better then you thats why you can't leave kansas lucious vortex you're too broke to leave

Kent Fisher 8 years ago

Your intense reaction is no better than Keegan's. Too many people are speculating without knowing the facts.

John_Brown 8 years ago

Tom, you're not playing the game. If the scenarios go according to plan, KU/KSU/ISU/CUorBU will be sitting on a pile of money. $10 million per 8 schools withdrawal penalties, 50% of withdrawing schools teevee profits for the next two years, ownership of the Big 12 title and BCS rights and ownership of Big 12 teevee deals thru 2015. If you make the right moves rebuilding the Big 12, I'm sure Fox et al will pay up to avoid a hole in their sports scheduling. And, if the Chancellor plays the game and Lew gets his head on straight, you might build a great Rocky Mountain/Midwest BCS conference where KU/CU are the kingpins and not UT/UNL. Honestly, Bohn nees to get his head on straight out at CU and realize the windfall he could be bring to Denver if he plays the cards properly.

And, honestly, you ought to be looking foward to trips to Colorado Springs/Fort Collins/Provo/Salt Lake City. You cannot tell me that a quick jaunt up to Park City and some beautiful Utah powder afore the Hawks play in a sold out pro arena isn't infinitely more appealing than Lubbock.

anon1958 8 years ago

Nice theory . . . . . but, if the conference is whittled down to four or five teams, the Big 12 is dead and Kaput because it will not fulfill NCAA requirements to remain a conference. Thus all of those Big 12 Conference deals and BCS rights vanish in a puff of smoke. Quoting Lt. Hicks, "Game Over, Man".

heybluekc 8 years ago

Everyone said Baylor was not going to come to the Big 12 either 16 years ago. Texas attached them on their hip and will be doing the same with the Pac 10. However Keegan 20 teams in one conference will never happen.

Mary Darst 8 years ago

Sounds good to me. I about how a nervous break down when the BIG 8 let the Texas teams join......Sick of everything being about the money....As for Colorado, where are all the KU fans in Dever area going to go to watch their favorite team.

johnp 8 years ago

KU to the SEC?

Just a thought

prrkc 8 years ago

'Missouri is left to fend for itself for having the gall to think it was attractive enough to scare the Big 12 by courting the Big Ten, a whiny move that infuriated the Texas schools.'

Yes, 'whining' broke up the Big 12, not the teams that are genuinely threatening to leave or are leaving, which would be NU and UT and pals.

If words were enough to sh#t-can this league, it was a joke, anyway.

But when in doubt, write a hit piece on MU, right, Tom, it will play to the masses? Let's walk away from what may be the only leftover with a decent media market, because they 'annoyed' UT, which hurt their feelings so bad they are running of to the Pac 10.

Please. And speaking of whining, what exactly would you call this article, really?

whats_going_on 8 years ago

At the rate this is going, I couldnt care less if we were in ANY conference. Super-conferences....really? How is that ANY FUN? I like knowing about the Big 12...I like the size of it. This just has stink written all over it. Boo @ sports. Integrity has gone out the window.

anon1958 8 years ago

Kapaa_hawk (anonymous) says…

omg... KU doesn't have a TV market? Are you kidding me? That's why I live in Hawaii and can see them play almost incessantly? KU has a HUGE TV market with fans on all coasts.

You apparently do not understand what a TV market for a sports team is and have confused "TV Market" with national popularity and a wide following. It may be counter intuitive but having a wide following across the USA does is NOT the same as a large TV market as far as the advertising industry measures things.

puddleglum 8 years ago

nobody wants baylor, and no one wants iowa state...

it would be funny to watch missouri become an independent...but i don't see that happening.

all we have now, is colorado and nebraska both gone......and excellent opportunity for texas to add tcu and houston or even smu......we are soon to be an all-texas conference. (heard lew was gonna move lawrence to the texas panhandle)

Richard Heckler 8 years ago

There is so much political BS in athletics and wayyyyy too many multi million dollar coaches and Athletic directors.

It is disgusting!

sportsfan25 8 years ago

Very poor journalism. First, the idea of 20 teams in a conference is ridiculous. Also, the only reason the Jayhawks haven't jumped ship from the Big 12 is because nobody has invited them. Lew moved the biggest home game of the year from Lawrence to Arrowhead, so don't for a second think KU wouldn't leave the Big 12 if the invite was there.

Also, putting the blame on Missouri is flat out stupid, I'm sorry. Nebraska and Colorado have actually left! Maybe we should put the blame on them. If all you can do is take cheap shots at Missouri you shouldn't write an article at all. This artice could only be SEMI-successful in Lawrence, if it was written anywhere else it'd be a joke. Sounds like a ranting fan at a bar, not an article in the newspaper. Two words: Terrible Journalism

anon1958 8 years ago

Kapaa_hawk (anonymous) says…

You can dream that someday you'll be able to respond from your own computer and not the library.

LOL, you know you are the the first person to actually come up with a halfway creative insult to me on this forum in very long time. You apparently have some potential, usually the people that insult me rather than actually making counterpoints against what I wrote are very crude and beneath any kind of reply.

I totally abstain from alcohol though and always have, so your not getting anywhere on that. Also, you could make your insult a little bit meaner by insinuating that I was posting from a McDonalds wireless hot-spot rather than the more refined environment of a library.

Personally I have to wonder why anyone that lives in Hawaii is inside watching TV. The climate in Lawrence and Austin is miserable enough to stay inside but, Hawaii?????

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