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Internal review clears KU’s Perkins of wrongdoing

June 9, 2010, 7:12 p.m. Updated June 9, 2010, 8:40 p.m.


A Kansas University internal review of a former employee’s claims against Athletics Director Lew Perkins has found “no evidence” to substantiate them.

The results of the review focused on three claims made by former Kansas Athletics employee William Dent in an article published in the Topeka Capital-Journal.

KU officials found no evidence to support Dent’s claims of an exchange of exercise equipment for preferential seating, drug-testing irregularities or ineligible student-athletes.

The reviewers, vice provost Mary Lee Hummert and human resources program director Allen Humphrey, talked with Dent, a former Kansas Athletics employee who resigned in 2007, at length, according to a KU release.

The review determined he refused to provide specific information with respect to an allegation of drug-testing policy irregularities or the names of ineligible student-athletes.

Dent had also alleged that exercise equipment had been exchanged for favorable seating for Patrick Carpenter and Mark Glass, co-owners of the former Medical Outfitters company. Carpenter and Glass denied Dent’s claim.

The KU review showed that Medical Outfitters had made an in-kind contribution to Kansas Athletics for a whirlpool for use by the athletics corporation, and not for Perkins.

The gift was accidentally not credited to Carpenter’s account in 2004-05, but was credited the following season, which resulted in an improvement to his seats.

A separate ethical question regarding exercise equipment that Glass has reported he loaned to Perkins at no cost was not addressed in the KU internal review.

State law prohibits government employees from accepting many types of loans or gifts. Perkins has referred that matter to the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission.

KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little said that with these findings, Perkins and Kansas Athletics officials can renew their focus on the Big 12 Conference realignment issue.

“I have full confidence in Lew and his ability to focus on what is best for our student-athletes and the University of Kansas in the days ahead,” Gray-Little said in a statement.

The KU review included interviews with Dent, Perkins and others inside and outside KU. Reviewers inspected seating records and other documents, and examined reports compiled by Kansas Athletics compliance staff on drug testing and eligibility.


anon1958 8 years ago

LOL Whitewash. Lew still had use of that equipment as a favor, which is prohibited whether or not he reciprocated.

Now I dont have to feel remotely bad for bashing Gray-Little-Accomplished and Less-Integrity.

Thinking_Out_Loud 8 years ago

Hardly a whitewash. The determination of whether an ethics violation occurred is in the purview of the Ethics Commission, not these reviewers. The seats improvement were due to the contribution of a whirlpool to KUAC, not a treadmill to the KUAD. The man who claims to have specific info re: player ineligibility refused to cooperate with the investigators.

If Dent won't cough up the info, there's not much KU can do about it.

Except buy Perkins out because he has lost the confidence of the administration, the alumni, and the fans. But there can be no pretense of cause unless the Ethics Commission finds there was a violation of State Ethics Law.

killjoy 8 years ago

He needs to be removed from representing Kansas University. He's a trainwreck that leaves a trail of embarrassment. I doubt if the chancellor has the guts to do her job and fire him. She's too weak.

slowplay 8 years ago

"She's too weak." You know this how? I have a feeling she could kick your butt. She needs probable cause or a violation of his contract to fire him. Don't be an imbecile.

slowplay 8 years ago

You are right, but she still needs leverage.

Tom McCune 8 years ago

Gambling at Rick's? I'm shocked.

yankeevet 8 years ago

This is sooo much crap...............i wont spend money on their f...........crap tickets; nothing but a joke;.......................all of em

anon1958 8 years ago

We KU even need an expensive AD after the BiG 12 collapses into the fly-over four?

weeslicket 8 years ago

patience, please. more information is surely to come.

skinny 8 years ago

Lew is the man!! You guys are just jealous because of the implemented point system. Better get used to it! Lew isn't going anywhere. YES!!

IronChefKS 8 years ago

Prime opportunity to restore some small confidence in KU is wasted.

thesloss 8 years ago

Lew is breathing a sigh of relief ... thinking, "I am untouchable".

Phillbert 8 years ago

It'll be a busy night for the Lew haters. Brew a pot of coffee and belly up to the keyboard...

Phillbert 8 years ago

Two things:

  1. Tracy Taylor resigned because of the goings on at KTEC.

  2. If you have that much time to search old comment threads, you really need to find a hobby.

Graczyk 8 years ago

"A separate ethical question regarding exercise equipment that Glass has reported he loaned to Perkins at no cost was not addressed in the KU internal review."

I am confused as to why the internal review did not address this issue. Is it because the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission is already looking into it? Is that the case?

anon1958 8 years ago

LOL, even Spiro Agnew would look good after Hemenway.

cowboy 8 years ago

We shall wait for the ethics investigation. Lews possession of the equipment has no logical defense.

KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little said that with these findings, Perkins and Kansas Athletics officials can renew their focus on the Big 12 Conference realignment issue.

Is Gray Little conscious ? The big 12 is history. she could'nt find time to attend the Big 12 meetings , too busy in London . She sent letters to Nebraska a few days ago and they are announcing their move to the Big 10 on Friday. There is no Big 12 realignment. The south is as good as gone.

Where was the big wheeler dealer Lew at and what was he doing as this whole deal has developed since last year ? Asleep at the wheel ! If you're truly one of the top ten AD's in the country why is your school faced with having no conference to affiliate with next year ?

This duo has let down the good university and it's fans and alums.

Richard Heckler 8 years ago

Why is the Big 12 splitting up?

What brought this on?

Neither K State nor KU has been invited anywhere?

What might be left .... the big 4 or 5?

pace 8 years ago

I can see the review process. Lew stands in front of the mirror and asks himself, who is the fairest man of all of cash cow. The mirror must acquit. Sorry he doesn't seem to be going.

Richard Heckler 8 years ago

"Internal review clears KU’s Perkins of wrongdoing"

Only on a small issue.... if this is in fact true.

The theft/fraudulent ticket sales is still a problem I would think.....

The FBI,IRS and Grand jury are still investigating I would imagine.

greenworld 8 years ago

Of course it cleared him....did anybody ever have any doubt??? Yeah right.

nekansan 8 years ago

The CJ Online article indicates that Lou did not pay anything for the "loaned" equipment until April of this year?!?!?!? By that time Dent was already making noise. It appears to me that Perkins "paid" for the use of the exercise equipment after the you know what hit the fan with the blackmail claims Dent made. Then Perkins covered his hiney and made the payment to give the administration an out. I'm very disappointed that the chancellor and other university officials find this acceptable. As un-credible and vague as Dent may have been, the exercise equipment loan sure sounds fishy. Maybe the company didn't get better tickets, but Lou definitely got free equipment until this mess started to become public.

gorilla10 8 years ago

To all of the Lew Perkins Haters out there, IN YOUR FACE!!!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!!

John Hamm 8 years ago

ROFLMAO! You've got to be kidding me! No wonder there'll be no Big 12 and KU isn't getting any invites...........

heybluekc 8 years ago

All you Lew bashers are gonna get what you want. A middle of the pack also ran in college athletics. You wanted it you got it. So sad that football was getting so good and now we might not even be in the BCS coalition.

dickmerkin 8 years ago

If Lew is still here, then why can't the great and powerful one save us? (pay no attention to that man behind the curtain)

Dear KU, Please excuse Lew from those important talks about the future of the Big 12 conference; he has to be somewhere else today. Lew's Mommy

greenworld 8 years ago

Once the Big 12 goes down, are tickets going to be half price to Ku football and basketball games?

whats_going_on 8 years ago

if he had resigned, he would have been admitting guilt. If he truly doesn't believe he did anything wrong, than that would be stupid for him to do. If he really didn't know about it (I know I know...I think it's hard to believe, too) than resigning because of it would have been cowardly and silly, if he thinks he can make it right. And who is to say the next person they brought in would be any better?

Just because the outcome of the investigation isn't to everyone's liking, that doesn't make it "false."

Just saying.

emptymind 8 years ago

Did anyone expect it to be a 'fair' investigation? Merely to quiet the public outcry about the ignorance of a person in charge of a major university athletic department. 'Nuff said

gorilla10 8 years ago

and after everyone's stupid comments, once again LEW HATERS, IN YOUR FACE!!!!! He is here to stay......If you like KU athletics, you better start liking Lew Perkins.....

in123 8 years ago

Meanwhile, vice provost Mary Lee Hummert and human resources program director Allen Humphrey were given improvements in their seats for next season for their in-kind contribution to the KUAD.

whats_going_on 8 years ago

again, why...just because no one likes the outcome of the investigation (in other words...Lew wasn't fired)...why does that automatically make it false and make the chancellor an idiot? Makes no sense. If it was false, god forbid, than well...for any of you really know that it wasn't? Can't get the whole story from reading the journal world, sorry.

waterhazard 8 years ago

You obviously are not informed. The reason KU will not be asked to join the Big 10 is because THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOUSEHOLDS in the state of KS to attract the TV money! It is that pure and simple. There is nothing Lew Perkins can do to control how many people live in KS. To blame not being able to save the Big 12 on Lew just shows how little you know and understand about college athletics. Go back to your own pathetic little job and let Lew do his.

gl0ck0wn3r 8 years ago

lolz you couldn't see that one coming a mile away. So, full and partial state employees can now accept gifts and use the "Lew: I am a victim" defense. Huzzah! Some pigs are more equal than others.

kanshawk 8 years ago

Ban those envolved in the ticket scandal from all ku athletic events

Frightwig 8 years ago

We love you, Lew! Let's put this nonsense behind us and move forward. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU!!

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