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With UT, there is no deadline

June 8, 2010


Texas remains king of the Big 12 and any attempt by any other school to force the conference’s hand won’t work. Commissioner Dan Beebe made that clear by setting deadlines for Nebraska and Missouri to declare their intentions. Notice that Beebe didn’t put any such pressure on Texas.

Smart move by the commish, even if there was no “or else” attached to the deadlines.

The Big 12 can thrive with Texas on board because one factor matters most in all of this. That’s right, dollar signs. Boy, would former KU coach Mark Mangino have a field day with this one.

Last week, our own Gary Bedore reported the following thoughts from KU basketball coach Bill Self regarding the Longhorns:

“Let’s just call it like it is, Texas carries the most weight, in my opinion,” Self said. “You’ve got three of the top 10 television markets, an unbelievable budget, you’ve got easy travel, flying directly into a big city. You have a lot of things that Texas can obviously sell. To me, Texas carries a big, big, big stick in this fight.”

If Self’s words aren’t enough to convince you, consider those from UT athletic director DeLoss Dodds, who offered up what might have been the best quote of the week at the recent Big 12 spring meetings in Kansas City, Mo.

“We didn’t start this,” Dodds said. “But if we need to finish it, we’ll finish it.”

Today, some opinions pinpoint Nebraska as the key to the league’s survival but not for the same reasons as Texas. Unlike the Longhorns, the Huskers aren’t mighty enough any longer to simply flex their muscles and watch the rest of the world obey.

Their part in all this talk about which school is most crucial to the survival of the Big 12 comes from the well-publicized Friday “deadline” that has been sent NU’s way by the Big 12.

Nebraska, of course, has been linked to the Big Ten in recent weeks, joining Missouri as the two most likely Big 12 institutions to bolt for the Big Ten. To this point, the Huskers have used that position as a bargaining chip.

No longer. With the Beebe deadline, which evidently constituted the “process” that he bragged about but did not identify last Friday, the Huskers now must make their decision and let everyone in on it: Big Ten or Big 12. Will they call Beebe’s bluff and let the deadline pass? Why not, right? What’s the Big 12 going to do about it? Or will the Huskers cooperate and end the Big Ten portion of this mess.

The more serious threat involves the Pac-10’s interest in inviting six Big 12 schools to join them out west. Another bold move in one part of the country, another hard swallow in Big 12 country.

So there you have it; Texas in the South and Nebraska in the North. Those are the two schools with the most power in all this, albeit for very different reasons. Missouri would like you to believe that it’s holding valuable cards in its hand, too. But the Tigers aren’t.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Colorado appears to be just as likely as any of the other three — Texas, Nebraska and Missouri — to be gone when all this shakes down, but the Buffs aren’t pretending that anyone cares. Kind of makes you want them to stay, doesn’t it?


LogicMan 7 years, 10 months ago

Tradition, loyalty, neighbors, and friendship are more valuable then a few more bucks. Let's hope everyone realizes this before it's too late.

Mary Sucha 7 years, 10 months ago

FWIW, If Texas and the commissioner think they have the power to force NU to stick with the B12 by forcing the issue about the B10. They have made a fatal mistake. If NU wasn't 100% sure of B10 membership, they would have remained loyal to the B12. Texas is going to be left with a 9 member conference which should not expect any significant increase in TV money when it renews its contract. Especially, when Texas has its own Longhorn TV network.

The PAC 10 talk is all BS, no way they take T. Tech, Baylor, or OK. st., which means Texas and Oklahoma can't leave the new B9, and NU knows it. Arizona and Arizona St. are not going to approve being in a division with those schools. Stanford and Cal are not going to approve membership of T. Tech, Baylor and Ok. St.

I think the B10 wants ND most of all. But the only way to get ND is to blow up the B12 and force the major conferences to expand. If ND believes the super conferences will hurt their football program, they will join the B10 in a heartbeat. I also believe the B10 will leave an open spot for Texas.

Gregory Newman 7 years, 10 months ago

Everybody is acting like chickens when a wolf shows up this is ridiculous. I was born and raised in Lawrence and left in 1969. I live in Oakland, California. I coach High school football, basketball and track. What you guys don't understand is that adult entertainment dollars are not spent on watching college sports on the west coast. That is the specific reason why the Pac 10 is trying to steal the Texas schools because they know that yaw do. Yet it won't help either conference. Washington has always struggled in Seattle. Washington State oh come on please Pullman. Oregon does well because its the only game in town in the whole state. Oregon State please. UCLA couldn't fill Pauley Pavilion even when they were in the final 4 three out of the last 5 years. There are 18 pro sports teams in Wash, Ore., Cal., and Arizona we don't WATCH college sports and only a few alumni attend. They envy your viewing and attendance. Its all about Pro sports out here. If there is a high number of TV viewing of the Pac ten its because the shopping malls has all of the TV's on for sell. Its all about Sunday ball out here. Heck they love Kansas basketball in Cali. If Nebraska and Mizzou want to leave let em go. Besides Ku and KSU really doesn't have an illustrious history in football any way. If they all go can't nobody tell me that Jayhawk basketball will be out in the cold. That would be a TV nightmare for the nation you better go check the ratings. The kids don't care about conference they care about style of play and what coach will develope them the best to reach the next level. Nebraska is mad because 85 schollies killed the red-shirt factory and Mizzou can't shake the Hawks out of KC. Both schools will do real well athletically in the Big ten and thats their real motive not dollars. The dollars just gave them a little more incentive. The Big ten would won't Kansas more then all but they lack a major TV metro plus the truth is they are intimidated by Kansas academics that is known out here in Cali as the wheat belt Berkeley. I work in the Oakland Unified School District I know exactly what is going on. JEALOUSLY OF THE BIG 12

Jonathan Becker 7 years, 10 months ago

See blog post:

Nobody is moving. The real issue is not realignment but playoff in football. Keep your eye on the prize -- $$$$ -- $750 million of extra money for playoff annually.

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