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Pac-10 commish gets authority to pursue expansion, possibly at expense of Big 12

June 6, 2010


— The Pac-10 concluded its meetings Sunday by giving commissioner Larry Scott the authority to pursue any possible expansion, while not committing the conference to adding any more schools.

Scott addressed the chancellors and presidents on the final day of the weekend meeting about possible expansion scenarios and was given permission to move ahead with the process without having to go back to the board for approval.

"What direction that process takes still could go in different directions," Scott said. "Everything from remaining as we are as a Pac-10 that has some very bright days ahead of it, to a bigger conference foot print. I have the authority to take it different directions depending on various scenarios and discussions we will have."

The conference will decide its future plans by the end of the year before negotiating a new television contract for the 2012-13 academic year.

The Pac-10 administrators arrived in San Francisco this weekend to a report that the conference was ready to invite Texas, Texas A&M;, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Baylor from the Big 12 to create a 16-team megaconference.

There has also been a report that Baylor could replace Colorado in that scenario or the Pac-10 could choose to keep the status quo or add only two teams in a smaller move.

"We probably have contemplated or are contemplating almost everything you've read about," Scott said. "The Pac-10 is in a very fortunate position. We have tremendous prospects exactly as we are. We also have some potentially exciting opportunities regarding expanding the footprint of the conference."

Scott, the former head of the Women's Tennis Association, took over the conference last July. In February, he said the window for possible expansion would be until the end of 2010 before the conference negotiated a new television deal. Since then, speculation has grown about if the Pac-10 would choose to expand, and if so, what teams it would seek to add.

The Pac-10 had perhaps been the conference most resistant to change in recent decades. While all of the other five major football conferences had either expanded or swapped teams since the start of the 1990s, the Pac-10 has been in its current format since adding Arizona and Arizona State in 1978.

With five pairs of natural rivals, the Pac-10 has been able to hold down travel time and costs and play a full round-robin in football and home-and-homes against each team in basketball.

A major motivation for the expansion talk is to increase revenues for the schools under a new media contract that begins in the 2012-13 academic year. Negotiations will start early next year and could lead the development of a Pac-10 network similar to what the Big Ten has successfully done.

Pac-10 teams make considerably less from television and bowl deals. Big Ten schools reportedly receive about $22 million each from television and bowl deals and SEC school each get at least $17.3 million. Pac-10 teams, meanwhile, reportedly only get about $8 million to $10 million each from the conference deals.

Scott said the reason for expansion would be that it could create "exponential" growth in terms of money and exposure.

"I can't say for sure sitting here today that there are options that will achieve these goals where the Pac-10 can stay true to its DNA and its special values," Scott said. "But there are some very exciting possibilities out there. That's why we're investing so much time and effort."


hbjayhawk 7 years, 7 months ago

Let any and all teams leave the Big 12. Who really cares! The fact is that if we are "left behind" all it will do is (1) help our football program compete for an at-large BCS berth under the current BCS guidelines which don't expire for some time and (2) cement our national dominance in basketball for as long as the eye can see. You think our home winning streak is long now, just wait if those team leave. In fact isn't A&M the last team to beat us in bball at home (Acee Law IV 3-pt as time expired??).

KU has fears that we will get "cut out" on the money from the revenue lost as a result of the B12 not having a "B10 style network" or revenues. However, I would suggest that our chance to recoup millions will come in the form of NCAA final 4's and increased chances of BCS football berths by not being part of the power conferences.

Let the power conferences kill themselves to mediocrity for assumed profits.

Let's stay and watch the chaos and sit back and make money off these dissenters!!

ralphralph 7 years, 7 months ago

Why not just one mega-conference with ALL the Div One teams in it?

Sheesh! TV money makes people crazy. The schools are selling themselves as "content providers" for cable TV. If that's really all that matter$, then go for it.

happyrock 7 years, 7 months ago

Why is Bill Self going to stay with this sinking ship?

SpeedRacer 7 years, 7 months ago

The Pac 10 has consistently ignored excellent west coast teams. It's all about the money from national TV contracts.

Gregory Newman 7 years, 7 months ago

You're right none of the Cali schools want to face Fresno State and the rest of the conference is terrified of Boise State and Utah. That is why they are so interested in Colorado to get a whippin boy who recruits Cali kids. Their basketball conference is super wack. Comin we got Phoenix, LA, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Portland and Seattle that is approx 31 million people and 18 major sports franchises so who needs college sports. If one of the teams makes a bowl game we go oh yea go you guys when we watch the news but don't attend the games. Plus that time zone would tear the athletes up.

volunteer 7 years, 7 months ago

Why is it that radio 810 am (Kevin Keitzman) was discussing the possibility of the break-up of the Big 12 two weeks before the Lawrence or Topeka media?

RogueThrill 7 years, 7 months ago

Sports fans were talking about this for weeks prior to Keitzman. He "broke the story" by telling lies about the Big 10 already having made offers (they still haven't).

Gregory Newman 7 years, 7 months ago

None of you guys get it. I was born and raised in Lawrence and left in 1969. I live in Oakland, California. The Pac ten is jealous of the exposure of the Big-12. The Pac Ten is dying for for the fan excitement that you guys give your teams. Here lies the real issue. I can travel in any direction for 12 minutes to see the A's, Raiders, Warriors, Giants and the 49ers. Our high school children don't heavyly attend their schools games on Friday night. The clubs are the big attraction. You can get in free before 9. Saturday morning up until late afternoon the malls are the great hang-out. You can be anywhere and you can be 3- 15 minutes apart from any mall. Most Adult locals are interested in the Pro teams. The college students are buried in a book after their school game and if they are out it is at a local pizza pub close to the dorm on campus. In the Midwest college football is the only game in town and friday night football is still king among most adults. Out here we would call that being dry I personnally don't but thats the consensus. In Oregon the Pac ten is big because that is the only game in the state period. UW has always struggled in Seattle. UCLA has been at the Final Four 3 out of the last 5 years and couldnt fill Pauley Pavilion. We have a lackadaisical lifestyle that is hurry-up wait to do nothing but pose an image that lacks substance. Don't fret any conference without KANSAS basketball won't survive and Kansas football doesn't have an elite history so it can go anywhere. RELAX

anon1958 7 years, 7 months ago

hbjayhawk (anonymous) says…

Let any and all teams leave the Big 12. Who really cares!

Your delusional if you dont believe that KU athletics will be seriously hurt financially if the Big 12 implodes and KU cannot find a home in a top conference.

Any lowering of stature will also seriously impede the ability of football coaches to recruit top talent. Basketball will not be hurt so much, at least for now. But if KU is in the Big Crapper Conference, you can bet that it will be an additional challenge for recruiting the top players, even in basketball.

Football at KU needed a mercy killing anyway, maybe this will do the job. KU needs to focus on basketball and academics. I dont think the people running KU can make the school excel at basketball, academics and football. That is just asking too much from the nit-wits on the Hill.

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