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City commission agenda for June 8, 2010

June 6, 2010


Bottom Line

City commissioners are being asked to approve a management plan for the Lawrence Community Shelter’s current site at 10th and Kentucky streets. City commissioners previously approved extension of the shelter’s operating permit to give shelter leaders more time to raise the necessary money to relocate to a site near the Douglas County Jail in eastern Lawrence. But commissioners also directed the shelter to bring back a specific management plan detailing how the shelter would be operated.


Specific details of the proposed management include:

• The daytime drop-in center will not allow people who have been drinking, but the nighttime shelter will allow people who have been drinking as long as they follow shelter rules.

• Guests may stay at the shelter up to 90 days in a 12-month period as long as they follow shelter rules. For guests needing to stay beyond 90 days, they must be actively participating in an LCS program and working with a case manager on a plan to get out of homelessness. All guests must have a case manager within 72 hours of arrival.

• Guests must adhere to a good neighbor policy that includes a ban on loitering on shelter property, neighbors’ property or other private property. Loitering will result in a ban from the shelter for at least one day.

• The plan includes a list of actions that “should result” in guests being banned from the shelter for some period of time. Those include: verbal abuse, one to two weeks; theft, one month minimum for first offense; threats of violence, two weeks minimum; physical violence, one month or greater; carrying a weapon, two months minimum; alcohol or drug use on LCS property, two weeks for a first offense to more than a month for a third offense; violence with a weapon, one year minimum.

Other business


• Proclaim June 15 as Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

Consent agenda

• Receive minutes from various boards and commissions.

• Approve claims.

• Approve licenses as recommended by the city clerk’s office.

• Approve appointments as recommended by the mayor.

• Bid and purchase items:

a. Waive staff estimates and award bids for the comprehensive rehabilitation projects at 1609 Barker Ave. to T&J; Holdings for $18,470 and 44 Winona Ave. to T&J; Holdings for $24,340.

b. Reject the bid for the comprehensive rehabilitation project at 1601 W. 26th St. because all bids were over the project limits.

c. Approve Change Orders No. 1 ($4,170.39) and No. 2 ($5,131) for Fairfield East Addition No. 1, Exchange Place and Fairfield Street for street, storm sewer, and water line improvements for a total amount of $9,301.39. This is 100 percent special assessment benefit district cost.

d. Waive bidding requirements and use sole source purchase of a booking station and associated reconfigurations and software from Sagen Morpho, for a total of $56,946.

• Approve revisions to the minimum standards for the Lawrence Municipal Airport for insurance requirements for skydiving operators.

• Receive memo from the Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) not to recommend the Advanced Alternative Energy Corp. technology/proposal.

• Approve these unanimous recommendations from the Traffic Safety Commission:

a. Deny a request to construct a traffic signal at the intersection of Clinton Parkway and Atchison Avenue.

b. Deny a request to establish a yield sign on the Clinton Parkway Frontage Road at Atchison Avenue/Breckenridge Drive.

c. Deny a request to establish no semitrailers in the Old West Lawrence Neighborhood.

d. Traffic-calming devices not to be installed on Fifth Street between California and Iowa streets.

e. No changes be made to the city’s School Crossing Control Policy.

f. Deny a request to establish no parking along one side of Wimbledon Drive between Inverness Drive and Turnberry Drive.

g. Deny a request to establish stop signs on 24th Street at Ponderosa Drive.

h. Deny a request to establish no parking along both sides of Stone Meadows Drive approximately 120 feet north of Stone Meadows Court.

i. Deny a request to establish no parking along the west side of Sunset Drive between Cambridge Road and Harvard Road.

j. Deny a request to permit parking on 13th Street in front of 833 E. 13th St.

k. Deny a request to construct speed humps on Edgewood Lane.

l. Deny a request to establish a stop sign on Crestline Drive at 24th Street and a stop sign on Melrose Lane at 25th Street.

m. Establish a stop sign on Troon Lane at Carmel Drive and adopt on first reading an ordinance establishing a stop sign on Troon Lane at Carmel Drive.

• Approve Final Development Plan for The Oread, 1200 Oread Ave, requesting outdoor terrace enclosures.

• City manager’s report

Regular agenda

• Consider approving the Management Plan for Lawrence Community Shelter, 214 W. 10th St. The plan must be approved by a supermajority vote, which is four of five commissioners.

• Receive 2009 annual report for Lawrence Community Shelter.

• Receive the staff report concerning the impact of the State’s Indoor Clean Air Act on the city’s smoking regulations.


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