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Car pullover leads to foot chase

Police pulled over a truck at the Burger King on 23rd Street late Saturday night, and one person got out and ran away.

June 6, 2010, 12:15 a.m. Updated June 6, 2010, 4:27 a.m.


A car pullover turned into a foot chase late Saturday night near the intersection of Naismith Drive and 23rd Street.

According to Lawrence Police Sgt. Susan Hadl, around 11 p.m., a Lawrence police officer spotted a white 1994 Ford she recognized. After checking and confirming a 40-year-old man in the truck was wanted under multiple warrants, the officer pulled over the truck at Burger King, 1301 West 23rd St.

The man got out of the car and fled to avoid arrest, and a foot chase ensued. Multiple police units responded and drove to the area.

Hadl said the officer had recognized the suspect, who was wanted for arrest under multiple warrants. Police searched for the individual, but the suspect successfully got away.

At least one adult and a child were still with the vehicle.


bearded_gnome 8 years ago

the officer pulled over the truck at Burger King,

---consider revising for clearer meaning.

so, no name, no description, no "last seen" nuthin!
tell me again, who wants to "catchthis guy?

skinny 8 years ago

Bread_gnome, The LJWorld does not print that kind of information. You'll have to read the Topeka Capital or KCStar to find out.

jafs 8 years ago

How is it that multiple officers can't catch a guy who's running away?

Especially after they had already pulled them over in their car.

Fatty_McButterpants 8 years ago

Seriously? So many people on here know absolutely nothing about police work.

First, the "multiple officers" were not all on-scene when the initiating officer made the car stop (not "car pullover" LJ-World). They were in their respective assigned sections of town. Perhaps there was a back-up unit en route when the car stop was made, but it wouldn't be until AFTER THE GUY RAN - and that call went out on the radio - that the "multiple officers" would have responded. Even if the second unit on-scene were to arrive within 30 seconds, a person can get quite far when jacked up on "I-ain't-goin'-to-jail-adrenaline," and running in a flat-out sprint.

Try knowing what you're talking about before trying to be a smarta#$.

BlackVelvet 8 years ago

perhaps he was faster than the officers??????

50YearResident 8 years ago

Seems like a lot of them are getting away lately like the guy a couple days ago in the stolen truck. LPD needs to watch the 'Cops' TV show to see how its done. They always catch their man.

Brad Maestas 8 years ago

Yes, after whittling down hours of footage into segments filled with favorable outcomes for the police. They always catch their man because that's all the producer permits you to see.

matthewjherbert 8 years ago

I bet if they had shot him in the leg, he wouldn't have gotten away. Then everyone on the board making fun of the police for letting the guy get away would be crying out excessive use of force. Can't have it both ways folks.

8 years ago

Me and my friend saw this happen! We were at the corner of 14th and Mass. when EIGHT police cars whizzed by, one after the other, lights and sirens blaring. We thought there was some kind of terrorist threat or hostage situation given that they practically emptied the cop lot on this one. Good to know it wasn't that serious and no one was hurt.

Brad Maestas 8 years ago

How could you have "seen it happen" if you were at 14th & Mass?

windjammer 8 years ago

They didn't see squat just trying to get down on OUR police.

ralphralph 8 years ago

The stop was initiated by Officer Crystal Ball, who could not have foreseen that a "usual suspect" with multiple warrants would bolt when pulled over.

Yo, Occifer! Hows about you get some backup in position BEFORE you stop one like this fella?

lubyloo 8 years ago

Saw the same thing as St. James. My husband and I were driving east on 23rd St. near Mass and saw the same 8 police cars flying by. We thought it was a lot serious than this too.

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