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Boy killed by tipped-over TV not alone, stats show

June 6, 2010


— A 4-year-old boy in suburban Kansas City who died after a television fell on him is one of many children who have been hurt in similar accidents, according to data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The commission estimates that there were at least 180 deaths related to tipped-over furniture, televisions or appliances between 2000 and 2006. The agency has said such accidents are among the top five hidden home hazards.

Johnson County authorities confirmed Max Gordon’s death Saturday night. The Kansas City Star reported that he was injured Thursday night in Stilwell. He apparently had been climbing on a counter when a heavy, older model TV fell screen-side down on his head, critically injuring him.

“It’s more common than anyone thinks possible,” Daina Hodges, outreach coordinator for Safe Kids Kansas, said of accidents like the one that killed the boy.

Safe Kids Kansas urges parents to teach their children not to climb or jump on furniture. The group also said parents should push TV sets as far back as possible from the front of their stands.

The group said it’s a good idea to place heavier items on lower shelves and to fasten unstable or top-heavy furniture or appliances to a wall using brackets, screws or wall straps.

Families are urged to avoid placing remote controls, candy or other tempting items on unstable stands or tables.

Plus, Safe Kids Kansas said, loose electrical cords need to be tied up so a child pulling or tripping on them does not pull a television or other appliance off a stand.


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