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40 years ago: Fewer KU students receiving aid

June 6, 2010


Robert Billings, director of financial aid at Kansas University, painted a slightly glum picture for incoming students. KU was able to offer financial help to proportionately fewer students in the upcoming academic year. Funds available to KU were increasing, but higher costs of attending KU, plus an expected increase in enrollment, meant that proportionately fewer applicants would be assisted, and the average grant would be less.

An $860,650 contract was awarded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to Constant Construction Company to build two automotive shop buildings at Haskell Institute.

More than 1,650 outstanding Kansas high-schoolers were expected to arrive at KU to attend Boys State and Girls State. Four hundred and forty-two girls were expected to register, and 1,220 boys were attending.

In addition to their toll tickets, Kansas Turnpike motorists were also being issued cards warning of rain on parts or all of the highway. It was hoped that this would raise awareness of safe driving habits and use of caution during rainstorms.


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