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June 5, 2010


University Bridge Club announces results of its May 30 meeting, with hosts Richard Quinn and JoAnne Kready.

Blue winners were John Stark, first; Virginia Williams, second; Roz Zimmerer, third; Dottie Miller, fourth; and Hazel Stellmacher, fifth.

Pink winners were Lois Liebert, first; Carol Smith, second; Donna Gatts, third; Cora Kuepker, fourth; and JoAnne Hicks and Willi Stark, tied in fifth.

The Betty Washington Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution met May 22 at Alvamar Country Club. After the DAR ritual and flag salute, Shari Johnson introduced guests and new members. The president general’s message, a Constitution minute, and the National Defense was read. Officers’ and committee reports were given. Receiving awards were: Shari Johnson for service to the KSDAR and for membership development; Deana Sage for outstanding achievement for public relations and media, and for chapter outstanding junior; Mary Burchill for women in American history; Melodee Wallace for participation in the genealogical records committee book indexing project; and Dusty Morris, a fifth-grader at Prairie Park School, who earned a third-place award in the American history essay contest for the state of Kansas. New officers installed were: Shari Johnson, regent; Diane Myer, vice regent; Annie Merriam, chaplain; Lynn Taylor, recording secretary; Martha Sage, corresponding secretary; Nancy Jaeger, treasurer; Melodee Wallace, registrar; and Deana Sage, historian. For more information, contact Shari Johnson at 843-6199 or Stacy Cope at 865-1646.

The Wednesday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on May 25 was directed by Chris Lane. North-South winners were Chris Lane and Carol Ball, first in A and B; Steven Vossler and Vince Nordberg, second in A; Ed Howard and Craig Huneke, third in A; Mary Treece and Barbara McCorkle, fourth in A, second in B, and first in C; and Grant Sutton and Catherine Blumenfleld, third in B.

East-West winners were Sally Taylor and Yvonne Hedges, first in A and B; David Piro and Paul Heitzman, second in A; Eldon Herd and Shari Krentzel, third in A and second in B; Shirley Reese and Lois Clark, fourth in A and third in B; Jean Khatib and Jan O’Connor, first in C; and Ann Thompson and Gary Joyce, second in C.

The Thursday Morning Mentor Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on May 27 was directed by Chris Lane. Winners were Chris Lane and Jean Khatib, first; Bob Hemenway and Eldon Herd, second; Becky Mullins and Shirley Reese, third; and Florine Creek and Jan O’Connor, fourth.

The Friday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on May 28 was directed by Virginia Seaver. North-South winners were Vince Nordberg and Jim Stewart, first in A and B; Grant Sutton and Craig Huneke, second in A and B; and Kent McCullough and Lois Clark, third in A.

East-West winners Sally Taylor and Klee Zaricky tied for first in A with David Piro and Paul Heitzman; Taylor and Zaricky were also first in B; Dave Chipman and Jerry Sloan, tied for third in A with Madelyn Jenks and Mona Bell; and Jenks and Bell were also second in B.

The Monday Evening Duplicate Bridge Club’s game of May 31 utilized the Howell movement and was directed by Virginia Seaver. Winners were Virginia Seaver and Jan O’Connor, first in A; John Fittell and Adelaide Nyquist, second in A and first in B; Kent McCullough and Lois Clark, third in A; and Emily Foster and Jerry Sloan tied in fourth in A with Julia Dalton and Lester Dalton, and Marti Hartman and Ed Howard.


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