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Texas can save Big 12

June 4, 2010


The substance behind the salvo Kansas University athletic director Lew Perkins fired Tuesday when he called the threat of conference realignment “serious, serious, serious stuff,” took shape Thursday, and it’s not a pretty shape for Kansas.

Unlike fears the Big Ten would raid the Big 12 for Missouri and Nebraska, a report Thursday that said the Pac-10 has plans to invite half the Big 12 schools to join them in a super conference had a feel of authenticity to it.

Under the possible scenario, the Pac-10 poaches Colorado, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M; and Texas Tech to form a 16-team conference and wipes the Big 12 off the planet.

That leaves Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri and Nebraska looking for a conference, in the event the six other schools receive and accept the invitations from the Pac-10.

Fear mongers would have you believe that Missouri and Nebraska can be crossed off that list, leaving Kansas only with Kansas State, Iowa State and Baylor, hardly a trio of heavyweight revenue generators, but that scenario has a major road block. If Notre Dame joins the Big Ten, making it a 12-team conference, where is the incentive to expand from there? Any additional member, short of a mega-power such as Texas, would dilute the caliber of the conference, the size of the pie, the money going to each member.

Even if Missouri and Nebraska seek a home with Kansas and the others left behind, the Pac-10-poaching scenario leaves KU no potential conference home nearly as attractive as the one it has now.

Perkins, under a chancellor-ordered ethics investigation, wasn’t employing diversionary tactics to take attention away from his own situation when he spoke to the gravity of conference-realignment talks.

Television dollars drive the realignments, and households drive television dollars. The very things that make Kansas such a pleasant place to live — lack of congestion, beautiful, open landscape, personal space — make KU and K-State less attractive to conference raiders.

Colorado brings the Denver market, Texas A&M; brings Houston, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State bring the entire state and one major national football power. Texas Tech makes more geographic sense than the Kansas schools.

Still, only interest on the part of Texas, mighty Texas, makes the whole thing fly. Texas and only Texas can save the Big 12 by staying put. That would be the same Texas that inspired jealousy from other Big 12 members for earning a bigger TV revenue share than the other schools.

It’s funny how quickly one potential move from another conference can or at least should make all the Big 12 schools rethink the need for equal revenue sharing.

The story breaking right before the conclusion of the Big 12 meetings and the beginning of the Pac-10 meetings certainly didn’t do anything to damage UT’s already massive bargaining power.

Even skewing TV revenues more heavily in the direction of Texas might not make a difference. The cash stack from a conference that stretches from Texas to California could be too rich to refuse.


Graczyk 8 years ago

Doesn't KU have a share of the KC metro market? It is only an hour away and many KU grads live and work there.

Raider 8 years ago

Maybe the ones left behind can go back to being called the Big 6? UT, aTm and Tech are a package deal. The Texas legislature won't let them split up. So yes Tom, when you say Texas can save the Big 12 you are correct. Texas as in the state, not just the University.

Gregory Newman 8 years ago

its unbelievable that no one notices the jealousy of the big-12. ESPN and no-count Mark May and Clark Kellogg can't stand Kansas football and Basketball. The AD's shouldn't have a voice any way they could get fired at any time. The Big ten football hasn't proven that they can play with the Big -12 in football. It ain't but 2 teams in basketball. The Pac-10 football can't match the big-12 football facilities and quiet as its kept Texas needs Kansas basketball and Oklahoma football. I live in Cali and the locals care less about college sports unless they make the bowls. The Midwest booms in college sports because that is the only game in town after friday night HS football. They are starving for attention out here because of pro sports. I live a mile from the bay bridge in Oakland and I'm 12 minutes either way to the Giants, A's, 49ers, warriors and raiders so therefore Cal and Stanford are after thoughts. Most teenagers don't attend their high school football games they hit the clubs before 9 to get in free or they leave by half time because parents want them home because of gangs. Pac ten basketball don't fill seats even with good records. UCLA went to the final 4 3 years in a row and had a pitiful attendance record. We got several casinos from 45 minutes to 3 hours away. We got tons of shopping malls that are 3-15 minutes apart where teenagers hangout. LA is 5 hours away you can go snow ski from 2-3 hours away. Now the Pac ten is big only in Oregon. Its jealousy its an amazing conference I love it.

kufan8808 8 years ago

May just be me but... Pro sports are boring as hell, tyvm! Its a bunch of the same losers for years and years getting paid a ton of money to play boring basketball and boring football.

Pro basketball = running up and down the court scoring constantly with dunks and what not. thats it. not as much strategy, less defnese, teams all about one person. college is all about the game... pro is just like watching to see which team scores the prettiest honestly. (march madness is always exciting!)

pro football = one team usually dominates which is no fun. with the exception of the of the past two years... the superbowl game is usually EXTREMELY DULL. commercials are the good part cause the games not even usually close. again less about the game itself, more about the medias attention.

oh and pro sports play too much and the season goes on too long. dont know how you guys dont get bored! going to a foot,ball game with the dedicated fans and students and the lovely traditions, marching band, not missing a singe game and what not is a much better time.

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