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Statehouse Live: Parkinson unhappy with KU athletic department problems

Parkinson said he will meet with Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little soon.

June 4, 2010


Governor 'disturbed' by KU scandal

Gov. Mark Parkinson on Friday said he is “very disturbed” about the ticket scandal at Kansas University athletic department. Enlarge video

— Gov. Mark Parkinson on Friday said he is “very disturbed” about the ticket scandal at the Kansas University athletic department.

“I expect an aggressive investigation and serious consequences to take place as a result of the scandal,” he said.

Parkinson said he is confident that KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little will handle the situation and that changes will be instituted “so that it won’t ever happen again.”

KU recently revealed an investigation that disclosed an alleged ticket scalping scam that cost the athletic department up to $3 million.

Athletic Director Lew Perkins wasn’t implicated, but five department employees and a consultant have been accused. Perkins is also under fire for receiving athletic equipment, which a former employee alleges Perkins took in exchange for access to premium men’s basketball tickets. Perkins and the company that supplied the equipment deny that allegation. KU officials are reviewing the situation.

Parkinson said he is also concerned about reports that the Big 12 may be splitting up with six teams going to the PAC-10. According to the reports, KU and Kansas State University would be left behind. “Our involvement in the Big 12 conference for KU and K-State guarantees both of the schools a good amount of money. If they are not in a major conference, that guarantee goes away,” he said.

He said he plans to speak next week with Gray-Little about the athletic department problems at KU and conference realignment.

Parkinson said the athletic department issues and ones earlier uncovered at K-State should not reflect on the schools’ academic standings.

“Higher education in Kansas is doing well, but can do better,” he said.


KawHawk 8 years ago

Unhappy ? Sic the Attorney General on'em !

Governor: CLEAN UP THIS MESS !!!!!!!!!!

Richard Payton 8 years ago

Anyone got names available for possible new AD?

Bob Hiller 8 years ago

My choice for new AD--- Gale Sayers. He has been KU’s director of fundraising for special projects since October, 2009

Bob Forer 8 years ago

Why are we twisting in the wind like this. Lew wanted to keep a secret. Part of it is already out. Come one Madame Chancellor. its really easy. Just like Lew told us hayseeds when he explained the points system. Its very simple, just count up the points.

1) Find the contribuution file on the exercise cycle boys. Hint: look in a file cabinet.
2) Double check the math. A calculator might help.
3) For each yearly total, determine when the guys who forgot about a thirty thousand dollar piece of equipment picked their seats. Hint: its in a file. determine the folks who picked befiore and after them. Compare points. they should be pretty darn close and in sequence.
Hint: be on the lookout for large contributions as in-kind donations. Maybe, with a notation, like, "per A.D"

4) Missing records will not be an exceptable answer. The only thing ever lost in the maiol was the truth.

Lets cut the bullcrap. You guys were taken by an east coast sharpie. Hey, we're a bunch of hicks, remember.

dgcrow 8 years ago

Better wait and make sure Self's hands are clean in this ticket scandal first before talking about him as the new AD. I find it hard to believe that the head basketball coach didn't know anything about it. And if he knew about it and didn't report it, he in effect condoned it.

TexiKan 8 years ago

dgcrow says.... Why would Self know about it? The Williams Fund is a separate corporation - not a part of the University. His primary contact with the Williams Fund is to speak at fund raisers for them. I'm sure they discussed their thefts with everyone at the fundraisers.

Richard Payton 8 years ago

Dent also has said, that former and current KU basketball players have violated drug policy. This should be investigated but Dent may be lying. Bill Self is a basketball coach that I suspect would have no desire to become AD. If Dent isn't lying about the drug policy, did the coach know the drug policy was being violated? Doesn't student athlete's have to do drug testing?

dgcrow 8 years ago

TexiKan: Self would know about it because it primarily involved basketball tickets. Are you saying that as head basketball coach he would know nothing about a major basketball ticket scandal happening right under his nose? He would have to have blinders on. As a minimum he must have received or at least heard of complaints from ticket holders. He also has ties to the Pump Brothers and to David Freeman. Not saying he's "guilty" yet, but the all the facts regarding the scandal should come to light before there's any talk about Self as the new AD.

Robert Rauktis 8 years ago

To use Bear Bryant's logic when he turned down offers to run for (be) governor of Alabama: why would Self want to be KU AD and take a demotion?

wastewatcher 8 years ago

The GOV is concerned but I believe the public wants action and action with full disclosure and transparency more than hollow words of concern.. Gov we are waiting for you as the big dog in the state to clean up the messes at KU , K STATE, and PITT STATE for that matter.

ralphralph 8 years ago

Democrats don't do "action"; they do "hand-wringing".

Prediction: You haven't heard the worst, yet, from Allen Fieldhouse-of-Ill-Repute.

I'm thinking "Lack of Institutional Control". Probation? Death Penalty? They've got it coming, but will they get it?

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