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40 years ago: Mail carrier stuck in rising water

June 4, 2010


Paul Tuley, a veteran mail carrier on Rural Route 5 south of Lawrence, attempted to drive his 1968 Dodge Dart through a large puddle in the Brown’s Grove - Yankee Tank region. His vehicle stalled in the rising water, which had risen to window-level before a tow-truck was able to arrive on the scene. Fortunately Tuley had piled the mail he was carrying as high as possible in the car, and although some of it got “a little damp,” all the mail was still readable and, in the case of Social Security checks, usable.

Members of musicians’ union local No. 512, as well as local residents and KU students and faculty, were preparing to give a band concert in South Park, the first of such events planned for the summer. Dick Wright, a member of the group, said there had been a problem figuring out how to enter the old bandstand. He believed a pre-existing trap door had been boarded over. The musicians for the concert were planning to use ladders to enter the bandstand.

Best-selling fiction books for June 4, 1970, according to Publishers Weekly, were “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” and “Love Story.”


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