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100 years ago: Local church torn down

June 3, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for June 3, 1910: “J. T. Constant, contractor, this morning began tearing down the present building of the St. Luke A. M. E. church, corner of New York and Warren streets, to make way for the erection of a substantial and modern building. The present building has long since become very defective and inadequate to the growing demands of the congregation. The new building is to be modern and will add no little to the improvement of east Lawrence together with the improvement of Lawrence in general.... One of the most successful and eventful years in the history of the university ends today. Lawrence will be minus about 1500 population by this time tomorrow evening. But the city can’t count on that number as part of its population, so the census will probably remain the same, viz: 1300 and something.... Large quantities of intoxicating liquors were destroyed by the police at the rear of the Salina city hall this afternoon. The liquor was secured at the homes of Mrs. Mary V. Watson and Mrs. Mary A. Smith. The liquor poured into the back yard made a large lake.”


KansasPerson 7 years, 11 months ago

"Viz." Now that's a word you don't get to use every day.

Mourning the Lake o' Liquor. Oh so sad!

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