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KU chancellor orders review of equipment loan allegations, cautions against rush to judgment of Perkins

From left, KU Athletics Director Lew Perkins, Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little, University General Counsel Jim Pottorff and Jack Focht of the Wichita law firm Foulston Siefkin discuss the results of an investigation into the athletic department's ticket office at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

From left, KU Athletics Director Lew Perkins, Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little, University General Counsel Jim Pottorff and Jack Focht of the Wichita law firm Foulston Siefkin discuss the results of an investigation into the athletic department's ticket office at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

June 2, 2010, 5:04 p.m. Updated June 2, 2010, 8:07 p.m.


Chancellor orders internal review

Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little has ordered an internal investigation in to athletic director Lew Perkins' actions. Perkins was the victim of blackmail in connection with the use of some exercise equipment. Enlarge video

Kansas University Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little is ordering an internal review of allegations that Athletics Director Lew Perkins improperly accepted free use of rehabilitation equipment at his Lawrence home.

Gray-Little appointed two senior KU staffers — Vice Provost Mary Lee Hummert and Allen Humphrey, an investigator in KU’s human relations department — to “fully review and bring closure to the allegations that have been made.”

The allegations, from former Kansas Athletics employee William Dent, are that Perkins accepted $15,000 worth of rehabilitation equipment from Medical Outfitters for use at his home, in exchange for providing the company’s owners with access to premium seating at Allen Fieldhouse.

Perkins has maintained that he’s been a victim of blackmail, a case he had reported to Lawrence police in April. Gray-Little said that the university had been aware of the blackmail case before it came to light this weekend in media stories.

Gray-Little, in London to meet with alumni and supporters, said that “although originating from a questionable source,” the allegations deserve to be looked into. She expects the review to be complete within 10 working days.

“I urge that there not be a rush to judgment in the absence of facts that support the allegations,” she said.

Retroactive rent paid

Perkins has reported having returned the equipment more than a year ago and having paid the company, providing it fair rental value for its use.

In April, Perkins paid Medical Outfitters $5,000 to cover the usage costs, said Lynn Bretz, a university spokeswoman. The payment came after Perkins had determined who actually owned the equipment.

Mark Glass, who is one of the company’s co-owners, has denied that his company either sought or received favorable treatment regarding basketball tickets.

Gray-Little also noted that Perkins has reported the matter to the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission. Perkins’ attorney confirmed Tuesday that the government agency had been asked to determine whether Perkins had violated a state ethics law that prohibits state employees from accepting many types of loans and gifts.

Gary Sherrer, vice chairman of the Kansas Board of Regents, said that Gray-Little’s decision to “bring closure” to the matter by ordering an internal review was a “good, strong approach” leading up to the regents’ next meeting, set for June 23 and 24 in Topeka.

Report to regents ahead

Regents expect to be updated on operations within Kansas Athletics, the job status of Perkins and other matters related to ongoing investigations regarding a tickets scandal — and, in recent days, rehabilitation equipment.

“When that stuff is spinning around out there, you have to get some control,” said Sherrer, a former Kansas lieutenant governor. “This is one way to exercise that — by having an independent look, and report back.

“It also helps keep everything in perspective: We all know that collegiate, Division One athletics is big-time stuff. We always enjoy the good stuff of it. But, at the end of the day, it is still a part of the university, and it is most appropriate that the chancellor would address this like she would address an issue in any one of the academic areas.”

On Wednesday, questions also emerged about whether Perkins had violated ethics provisions included in the Athletics Department’s employee policy manual. The department’s employee handbook states: “Kansas Athletics personnel may not accept gifts, payments, entertainment, privileges or other favors which might influence future decisions made by Kansas Athletics.”

A separate portion of the employee handbook also spells out what constitutes a conflict of interest for athletic department employees. That definition says an employee may have a conflict of interest if the employee does anything that even creates the “appearance of competing or compromising with the interests or concerns of Kansas Athletics.”

The handbook also requires any employee with a possible conflict of interest to disclose the potential conflict to the Kansas Athletics’ Board of Directors.

Danny Anderson, interim provost for KU and a member of the board of directors, said Perkins had not disclosed the exercise equipment issue to the board during Anderson’s tenure. Anderson said it was too early for him to determine whether Perkins had an obligation under the policy to disclose his free use of the equipment to the board.

Circumstances surrounding Perkins’ use of the equipment create questions about whether it put Perkins in jeopardy of violating the conflict of interest provision.

Perkins’ attorney has said in previously published reports that Perkins believed the $15,000 worth of exercise equipment was owned by William Dent. At the time the equipment was installed in Perkins’ home, Dent was an employee of KU Athletics. As athletics director, Perkins had the sole authority to provide monetary bonuses and other compensation bonuses to Dent, according to the department’s policy handbook.

It later was learned by Perkins that the exercise equipment actually was owned by Medical Outfitters. Medical Outfitters is a company that has served as a vendor for Kansas Athletics, according to a statement made by one of its co-owners in a previously published report.

Perkins’ attorney, Steve McAllister, did not return a phone call seeking comment on this story.


Hydra 7 years ago

How about the upgraded seating for the company? If it was no big deal why was he negoitiag thru an attorney for months.

Sounds like Little has decided to go with the good ole boy club. Welcome to Lawrence Ms. Puppet.

puddleglum 7 years ago

did you look up these seats? 6-20 rows up at mid-court. ask any other $5000/yr donor how close to this area their seats are.

Thinking_Out_Loud 7 years ago

"Right! He's not allowed to leave the room...even if you come and get him."

4everahawk 7 years ago

It appears that any investigation done by the university will go the direction this one seems ready to go......exactly why so many past and current employees quit even trying to report to them on improprieties or file will always lose. I had higher hopes for this chancellor. If this same situation had happened to a lower level employee they would have been fired on the spot.

Robert Rauktis 7 years ago

Why does this university pay big money for a bean counter? An inept one at that? It's almost understandable for coaches, but a bean counter and his toadies? Warm up that UNC plane...and look for the garage sale in craigslist.

equalaccessprivacy 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

equalaccessprivacy 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

puddleglum 7 years ago

so the chancellor's already got some premium seats at allen fieldhouse?

4theHawkS 7 years ago

Little should have been initiating the FIRST investigation and should have told Lew at that time he is included within the total KAI investigation. She doesn't have the guts to stand up to big Lew since she is a new on the block and hasn't made any big moves since she has been on the hill. Thanks Lew for $40 millon commitment to academics promised from the revenue generated by the joke of the town Gridiron club Suites...Hadl said they had only raised $4 millon of the $30 they needed. Where is this great fund raised that everyone seems to be reminicing in the past....Let live in the present or we will be left behind when the conferences shift!

tophawk87 7 years ago

We'll see which has a higher priority at Kansas now, athletics or academics...

equalaccessprivacy 7 years ago

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equalaccessprivacy 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

equalaccessprivacy 7 years ago

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equalaccessprivacy 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

equalaccessprivacy 7 years ago

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equalaccessprivacy 7 years ago

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whats_going_on 7 years ago

"Perkins has reported having returned the equipment more than a year ago and having paid the company providing it fair market value for its use."

..."that information would have been useful YESTERDAY"


slowplay 7 years ago

The idiots have really come out to play on this one. The Chancellor is doing exactly as she should. Take it slow and easy and, if guilty, have him hang in the wind until punished. If he's not, he should be fired for pure stupidity.

MyName 7 years ago

Well okay, and I'm sure the police were all part of the coverup. So there's no way they could actually be investigating a crime or anything.

And a fence is someone who resells stolen property, not someone who rents property (stolen or otherwise). Or takes it home to their basement to use.

I've got a new nickname for you Hydra: Mr. Trolls-Alot!

slowplay 7 years ago

Like I said, "The idiots have really come out to play", and it looks like you are leading the group. Lew is going to be gone. The Chancellor needs to follow protocol so it is done correctly. Apparently you are the only one who is confused.

curious_one 7 years ago

To the Board Of Regents:

Yes, an independent look into the situation is exacatlly what is needed. Not one with their best interest in KU, or maybe that they would be persuaded with their job. Then we might get some ethical desions into what is happening with Athletics currently. Then this approch needs to be taken across campus we have way too many big shots making lots of unethical desions.

jhox81 7 years ago

I know this article is about the blackmail, but the hate stems from the ticket situation. You fools that love KU basketball and are calling for Lew's head underestimate how close Bill Self and Lew are. If Lew leaves, Bill might be looking for the next good NBA job. There are no garauntees Bill gets along with the next AD.....a potential remake of Roy vs. Al Bohl.

Lew has done amazing things with the athletic department in a very short time. Those that hate Lew are those that lost their tickets or received worse tickets because of their contributions. If you think the tickets sold illegally would have put you in a better spot then do the math...the roughly 17,000 tickets over the 5 years comes out to around 160 season tickets (160 tickets per game * 22 home games* 5 years = 17,600 tickets) I think out of 16,300 seats, 150 would hardly be noticable or make a huge difference in seat locations.

Lets not forget that the ugliest part of the ticket situation according to yahoo sports occured in 2002 and 2003 prior to Lew's arrival.

Also, to the Lew haters who think that the next AD will come in and kill to point system are sorely alienate your biggest donors. There absolutely needs to be more transparency, but the system isn't going anywhere.

Don't think that Lew doesn't have tremendous impact on the potential conference reallignment if it happens. KU needs someone like Lew at the table when conference negotiations go down. If not, KU could be hosed - I wonder if KU basketball could entice big time recruits to come to KU so they could play KSU, New Mexico, TCU, and Colorado State each year in a new look broke big 8 conference???- not particularly appealing.

Careful what you wish for fellow Jayhawks. Put yourself in his shoes and think how it feels when you find out employees you trusted more less embezzled money from you (happens all the time). Lets hope you all aren't so quickly judged when you are blackmailed or your employees commit fraud against you.

When the fraud began before he got here, auditors didn't catch it, and employees in key positions are working to cover guess is that it would be tough to uncover. The hate and energy put into bashing Lew should be focused on the morons who screwed KU over! They are getting off easy because Lew is taking the heat for their selfish and illegal actions

NOTcrusher 7 years ago

I wouldn't mind if Bill Self left, too. After Northern Iowa beat us? Those other early departures? He's as bad a motivator as that guy in the 70's was (his name escapes me), but he was the coach when my mom was at K.U. He always had better players than K-State, but K-State took shorter Kansas kids and motivated them to win.

webmocker 7 years ago

"I wouldn't mind if Bill Self left, too. After Northern Iowa beat us? Those other early departures?" That pesky National Championship puts a BP-sized hole in your theory.

jhokfan 7 years ago

When Lew walks this is going to piss off some malcontents. Sweet!

weeslicket 7 years ago

once again, way late in on this one. so let me simply perform my tom shwemon impersonation and say: wow. really wow. look at all those deleted posts.

on to a subject that i've been wondering about, and which hasn't been mentioned thusfar:

lew perkins accepted an alledged donation of $15,000 of exercise equipment..... when he recieves $1million+ in compensation anually.... and he has a key to every gymnasium on campus; whether open to the ku public or managed by internal fuding...... hhmm.....
does this even pass one's basic smell test ??

Horace 7 years ago

"Gray-Little said that the university had been aware of the blackmail case before it came to light this weekend in media stories."

So the administration knew about the situation but chose not to investigate it until it came to light through the media?

NOTcrusher 7 years ago

Horace, you are right on with this comment. Gray-Little needs a new name - Do-Little.

NOTcrusher 7 years ago

Okay, Mr. Sherrer, how can you call it an "independent" review when it's done by "Vice Provost Mary Lee Hummert and Allen Humphrey, an investigator in KU’s human relations department?" Sounds like an inside job to me. How can they do a full and fair investigation when they are under the control of K.U.? And who's going to talk to them (except for Dent and Glass, apparently), when everyone is lawyering-up? Gray-Little is trying to smooth things over when the best thing to do would be to fire Perkins immediately, and then sue him for gross negligence. He needs to retire and take the millions we Kansans have paid him, and leave the state for good. I'm just a nurse, but this sounds like one convoluted criminal mess. And why is Solicitor General McAllister representing Perkins in this? Why should a state employee defend and advise a state employee when the facts admitted by Perkins show a clear breach of faith? Rock Chalk Lew's Through Kay Ewe!

jhokfan 7 years ago

Amazing how much bad press Lew is getting compared to those who actually stole the tickets. Why are all the Lew bashers not bashing those responsible for the crime?

cowboy 7 years ago

From the KC Star This morning....

"Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins in April mailed a $5,000 personal check to former Medical Outfitters co-owner Mark Glass as a back rental payment for $15,000 worth of exercise equipment he originally borrowed from Glass’ company in 2005 at no cost to Perkins, Glass told The Star on Wednesday night.

Glass said Perkins called him in April after Glass had been interviewed by Lawrence police regarding their investigation into the alleged blackmail of Perkins by former KU director of sports medicine William Dent, which centered on the loaned equipment. Glass said he told Perkins that he was not entitled to any money because Medical Outfitters went bankrupt in 2007 and the equipment therefore was no longer his. Still, Glass said Perkins was adamant about sending him the check and that Perkins decided the amount.

"Glass instructed Perkins to make the check out to LSI International Inc., the Kansas City, Kan., company that acquired Medical Outfitters out of bankruptcy. On May 27, still unsure who was entitled to the money, Glass said he deposited the check into a holding account, where it will remain until he figures out where it should go.

“I haven’t touched it, I haven’t wanted to touch it,” Glass said. “It’s like a cancer.”

Read more:

Cowboy writes:

Lew gets equipment in 2005 , now he suddenly thinks he needs to pay rent in april of 2010 to a company that no longer exists. Now I'm no Sherlock Holmes but I did stay at a holiday Inn Express one time and this smells worse than anything I have stepped at my farm in recent years. This was not a good faith payment prior to or during the initial usage of the equipment. This was a rather amateurish attempt , after the fact , to try to conceal his non-ethical acceptance of gifts during his AD tenure. This story has a large beak , webbed feet , waddles and quacks. It truly is a duck.

Victim ? Yes you're a victim of your own arrogance. The public is not stupid. you can roll out a big lawyer but your story is a simple one , and it's flying similar to a "crushed dove.

You have abused the good faith of the people of Kansas , and it is time to resign.

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

Capital Journal calling for Perkins resignation today.

Yes the feds have a lot of work to do before Lew Perkins can be cleared of all allegations with respect to many allegations which have surfaced:

  1. Player elgibility of current and former players? According to Dent.

  2. Ongoing ticket fraud/theft?

  3. How many gifts has Lew Perkins accepted?

  4. How does anyone know if all of the people stepping up on behalf of Perkins are concerned for their jobs or may well be implicated as well?

  5. What about preferential treatment for loaning of the equipment? I guess company financial records will need to be investigated.

  6. Does Dent being a disgruntled employee necessarily relieve the allegations of their validity?



Paul R Getto 7 years ago

Jason Whitlock in the KC Star is right; the NCAA is corrupt, interested only in money and the system has nothing to do with athletics (except as TV cash cows) or academics. Pay the kids a salary, a modest one, let them entertain the students and the alumni and move on. Lew is pushy, so some don't like him. He is doing well at what he was hired to do. The speculators should wait for facts and allow due process as they would expect for themselves. One more point: Drop all the points in the lower level of the field house and let the students have the first few rows so they can cheer for their team. Perkins may not survive this, but I'd say now the odds are about 50/50 he will. If he leaves, KU will have to hire another driver similar to Lew or begin the slow decline to a status similar to other mediocre sports factories. We just need to let the process work and realize there are benefits to KU and KU sports. Without the university, we'd be Eudora, or maybe Baldwin if we got a little private school to call our own. Deep breaths everyone.

MyName 7 years ago

Well that's awesome, except that Whitlock's claims only apply to Football and Basketball (and possibly Baseball) and completely ignores the thousands of students who really do go to school to get an education and need the scholarship to help pay for it.

And how many of those other students would get that scholarship without the revenue that comes from the bigger sports? Not very many.

Paul R Getto 7 years ago

"stund (anonymous) says… well I know that humphrey guy hes a guy whos for all the guys with the money they should look for out side of the state not state employees to do this lews had a long time there payed way to much for what he dosent do in fact all of the head guys at the athletic dept is payd to much and the guys who keeps the fieldhouse and the stadium going should get more money for all they have to do" === Sir or madame: I certainly hope you are not a KU or LHS graduate. Tutoring is available if you want to improve yourself.

4everahawk 7 years ago

Getting a little tired of referring to Dent as a "disgruntled" employee who was fired and wants to cause Lew problems. Problems do exist there folks. Yeah, he said that he wanted to cause Lew a little pain, but many of the people who have worked there under his direction who were fired, pushed out or otherwise no longer employed there feel the same way....Dent was just brave enough to come forward. For the chancellor to judge Dent and question his integrity based on his prior charges is lame. ANYONE who comes forward with information regarding the leadership (especially with at least some level of proof) should be heard and respected. If the current administrator who had domestic assault charges filed on him (LJW article about a year ago) came to her with allegations of misconduct within the department, would she use that against him in determining whether or not he was credible? Just wondering........

greenworld 7 years ago

If somebody tells a lie to somebody else and then they tell a it still a lie??

jonas_opines 7 years ago

Sorry Chancellor G-L, some folks in Lawrence rushed to judge Perkins on any and all things he might or might not by any stretch of the imagination be connected to as soon as he took away the entitlements of the season ticket packages.

Clevercowgirl 7 years ago

I hope that KU initiates an Athletic Department Hotline. Then callers could anonymously share the corruption that is occuring in KU Athletics. The only problem that I see, is that the corruption is so systemic, a major house cleaning would be in order. I think that if KU were to launch a zero tolerance program with respect to this stuff, and make a BIG public announcement of such, we could not only save face, but become a positive expample for college athletics. This would be a challenge worth taking, Ms. Gray-Little. Let's clean up this mess, once and for all, and start a new day for college athletics.

4everahawk 7 years ago

The company doesn't deny that they had an association with Dent and that they helped install the equipment. That is the truth. They admit that they 'lost track' of where the equipment was when they filed bankruptcy. Dent did take action (for whatever reasons) and get the equipment back from Lew. After all, it was only on loan, remember? He could have sold it, and didn't, but rather stored it. Sure, he saw an opportunity to get back at Lew, but since Lew allowed him to remove it (supposedly thinking it was owned by Dent), then obviously Lew didn't feel like he had any right to it...hadn't paid any rental fees up to that point, etc., etc., etc........ Most regular folks have to pay 'rental' fees by the month from the beginning - not after 4 years! Guessing this isn't the only perk, gift, loan, favor he has received since being here. Most doing the deed will not come forward for their own personal reasons. Some will for fear of it being revealed as this one was.

4everahawk 7 years ago

MacHeath: Dent DID NOT own the equipment! As a relatively high employee of KAI, he would have had no problems getting good seats if he so chose. Believe me, not everyone is jonesing for tickets! It's hard to imagine that someone like Lew took that much NEW equipment into his home and didn't bother to ask who it belonged to. Dent and the staff of the company installed it.........doesn't take a genius to know who owned it. Why in the world would an ordinary person own that much equipment???

JustMe3 7 years ago

Now the next question would be did Dent pay for the equipment? If not shouldn't it go back to that company?

If Dent did pay for the equipment, then why did Lew pay Glass? Shouldn't he have paid Dent for the "loan"?

nytemayr 7 years ago

Joe College to Perkins: " No Soup for YOU!"

TexiKan 7 years ago

Jumpin' Jehosephet!! It's great to see that most Lawrence folks and fellow Hawk fans are still ready to hang anybody at any time. To heck with waiting to get all the facts, conduct any investigation, or do anything with any degree of fairness. Just hang 'em high!!

I dread picking up a newspaper these days because I just want it be over with. As an accountant I understand how hard it is to discover fraud and embezzlement when you have two or more key people working together to steal from their employer. It's also hard to dig out all of the misdeeds and find out who did what. I just want the investigators to get with it and "gitter done!"

Good luck, Chancellor! Take your time and do the job right. Get rid of those that aren't following the rules and let's all remember that for the most part, we have good, clean athletic programs with great people running things!

jonas_opines 7 years ago

Aw man, you were off to such a good start, but could we please let the Larry Cable Guy lexicon die a deserved and unmourned quick demise? Please?

tophawk87 7 years ago

The drumbeat for Perkins to step down is growing louder each day....

begin60 7 years ago

I question whether much trust should be placed in the "two senior employees" the Chancellor has appointed to review Perkins' conflict-of-interest issue. I know for a fact that one of them has perpetrated some serious dishonesty and retaliation and is undermining the decent ethics and integrity of KU rather than upholding these. KU is an extremely dirty outfit that has soured me on the whole higher education enterprise.

MyName 7 years ago

If it makes it to criminal court, Lew has already lost.

JustMe3 7 years ago

Is confused...Lew says he gave the equipment back, then why does Bill Dent have it?

4everahawk 7 years ago

As it should........just hope they make sure they get all the criminals - not just a select few. Dig a little deeper please...guessing there is much more possibly hiding. Also just a guess........a lot of the improprieties (not necessarily crimes) can't be documented...just some perks, favors, liberties and such within for those who either know things or love the gravy train of which they are the passengers...just guessing..

Richard Payton 7 years ago

How many employees that have resigned or have been fired due to ticket scandal at KU came from Oklahoma? Some claim the ticket scam was learned at OU! Could this be true?

JustMe3 7 years ago

Why didn't Bill pay for the equipment? Should't Bill be under fire for this more than Lew?

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

It seems some Lawrence real estate builders became involved with the ticket theft operation.

Why is that? How many became good friends with Lew after his arrival?

Who was fronting money for the operation?

begin60 7 years ago

Bully culture par excellence! Some of the biggest KU criminals work for HR and that slimy General Counsel office that helps them cover their behinds at the expense of good-faith employees. It's cozy arrangment they have here In Douglas County with the DAs so in bed with the KU General Counsel that any time they want to frame someone with southern-justice minded allegations the dirty KU cops just railroad bogus charges right to Charles Branson without even bothering to contact or warn a potential "defendent". The FBI needs to be investigating the discriminatory way KU officials criminalize civil rights complainers too. Even the judges here all graduated from KU--stomach-turningly ingrown and not the sharpest knives in the drawer. And if you dare to question the corrupt, retaliatory way power works in these parts you must of course be "crazy".

anon1958 7 years ago

begin60 must have had the same kind of experience with KU that I have had. Mary Lee Hummert who is tapped for this investigation is just a little toady that does exactly what she is told. I have dealt with her personally and the first words out of her mouth to me (literally) were a lie that I cornered her on in our next conversation.

I have to disagree that the KU cops are dirty. The fact is that they are employees of a dirty and bullying KU administration but a blanket statement saying they are dirty is unwarranted. Accusing members of law enforcement as being dirty is a more severe accusation than labeling KU administrators as bullies, liars and incompetent scoundrels. Their is a mountain of evidence to support the latter claim but I know of no evidence to suggest that the KU police systematically abuse their authority as officers of the law.

Hemenway wanted to completely do away with the KU police because they were not totally under his control in the same way that sniveling little a$$ kissing faculty like Mary Lee Hummert are under control of the admniistration.

I just dont think you will find much evidence of the KU police abusing their power even though when push comes to shove they still have to follow whatever orders they receive from Strong-Arm Hall. As long as those orders fall within the scope of the law, they have to be carried out even if they are distasteful.

One should remember that the KU police force is made up of employees that are also treated as poorly as other KU support people. Members of the KU police force also have friends and family that have been crapped on by KU just like everyone else. With the exception of a few higher level administrators you are likely to find people really disgruntled in every KU unit, and this I can say from first hand knowledge includes the KU police department.

I can say that I know of one instance where high level (Dean level) KU administrators made up an outrageous lie in an attempt to smear a KU professor and the KU police did not believe the administrators and basically told them to sod off. I have seen the documentation of that false police report personally and know of at least five individuals that have copies of it. This police report was made known to me by a former KU police officer with an axe to grind who I knew through a family member.

No disciplinary action was ever taken against the administrators for their false accusations. I suspect that eventually this paperwork will come to light and it will be interesting to hear the excuse making bs the morons on the hill will start sputtering.

notahawk 7 years ago

To paraphrase Lew "If I thought I did anything wrong, would I have called the police?" He does not have a clue. I take Monday 06/07/2010 10:00AM in the Lew resigns pool. The only que$tion now i$ how much.

4everahawk 7 years ago

oneeye_wilbur: Senior Women's Administrator in athletics, taken straight from her bio on athletics website:

Van Saun came to KU from the City of Lawrence, where she served in numerous positions: as assistant city manager, assistant utilities director, assistant finance director and collections supervisor.

notahawk 7 years ago

At the very least he owes taxes and penalties on the $15,000 (maybe $35,000 as I don't think the IRS recognizes good ole boy discounts) on the year he received the equipment. The IRS would not buy the "It was rented but nothing was due until after I gave it back after I was done with it " story.

7texdude 7 years ago

A lot of people are ready for the chancellor to fire him right away, but there is a process and she has to follow it. KU can't afford to pay Perkins' salary if they can him. But if they fire with "just cause" because he violated the ethical part of his contract, then KU does not have to pay his future salary and can make an attempt to get some of the $4 million bonus back. Remember how Perkins fired Mangino, but the coach still got some of his money back. The chancellor does not want any part of a settlement with Perkins.

We are all impatient and want a final decision right now. It doesn't work that way. Remember all of the things that Perkins has said to reporters, investigators and fans because they can be used against him.

Finally, Perkins is gone, but he isn't going without a fight. Win or lose, this is his last job,. No one will touch him after this. I believe the chancellor and the board of regents will pull the trigger on it. Have some faith.

anon1958 7 years ago

" MacHeath (anonymous) says…

Perkins may be a crook, but this guy needs to be behind bars, and quick. I believe Perkins understands that, and that is why he turned him in."

Attributing noble behavior to Perkins? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Brent Atwater 7 years ago

Very late to this party, and yes the move to get Lew out should be as scripted as when he fired Mangino for cause... regardless of all that Lew should go back to the East Coast where this kind of thing is business as usual and Lew is the reason KU isn't mentioned going anywhere after hearing the Pac-10 proposal to the Big12 South plus CU.

anon1958 7 years ago

" MacHeath (anonymous) replies…

Not really. Perkins could be afraid of him. He has a history of violence."

I only saw an accusation, diversion and no conviction mentioned in the article. The administrators at KU engage in passive-aggressive behavior and bullying every damn day of the year.

That is a kind of violence that also damages individuals as well their families. I think you are overplaying the "Dent is a violent loose cannon angle". Please explain why.

begin60 7 years ago

It's very disappointing that KU is in such a degraded ethical and professional state that the less than perceptive new Chancellor would see fit to put the usual suspects--the incompetent crooks in HR--- in charge of this a joke of an investigation. Talk about needing someone to guard the guards and police the police. KU HR rules through vicious retaliation and by blaming the victims. They are the main source of discrimination and the office of unequal opportunity on campus.

happyrock 7 years ago

The exercise equipment is the tip of the iceberg. Lew lives in a world where he expects everything for free ... yard work and free airplane trips to name just two. Does he think having a federal judge sitting next to him will save him from the Feds?

greenworld 7 years ago

Maybe Ku will re-hire Mangino and make him our new AD. HAHAHA

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