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Ex-employee links KU tickets to AD gift

KU Athletic Director Lew Perkins was the last to leave a press conference at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics on Thursday May 26, 2010. He and other KU officials and investigators talks about alleged violations in KU's ticket office that led to the diversion of $1 million or more from the university. Six employees were blamed and are no longer with the university.

KU Athletic Director Lew Perkins was the last to leave a press conference at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics on Thursday May 26, 2010. He and other KU officials and investigators talks about alleged violations in KU's ticket office that led to the diversion of $1 million or more from the university. Six employees were blamed and are no longer with the university.

June 1, 2010


A former sports medicine director at Kansas University claims that athletic director Lew Perkins helped two business owners get premium tickets to men’s basketball games after they gave him $35,000 worth of exercise equipment to use in his home, The Topeka Capital-Journal reported Monday.

But the owners of Medical Outfitters said the equipment was worth closer to $15,000 and they expected nothing in return for lending Perkins the equipment to help with his physical therapy.

Months of correspondence between the former director, William Dent, and Perkins’ attorney — much of which was forwarded by Dent to the Capital-Journal — indicates that Perkins was willing to pay Dent to keep information about the equipment private. Perkins eventually filed a police report, claiming he was being blackmailed.

Lawrence attorney Stephen McAllister told the newspaper on Sunday that Perkins believed that Dent, who helped install the equipment in Perkins’ basement in 2005, owned the equipment.

In an April 13 e-mail to Dent, McAllister said Perkins was willing to purchase the items as long as Dent didn’t share information about the “private matter” with anyone, including the media, the newspaper reported.

On April 15, Dent wrote to McAllister that he could no longer be patient. Dent outlined allegations about the equipment, the high school eligibility of former and current Kansas basketball players and disregarding university drug policy for athletes, the Capital-Journal reported.

The next day, Perkins filed a police report saying he was being blackmailed. Lawrence police wouldn’t confirm the name of the suspect to the newspaper, but said they were investigating a former employee with sports rehabilitation and that the matter involved equipment on loan to Perkins.

McAllister didn’t immediately return calls from The Associated Press on Monday. A university spokesman told the AP that Perkins would not comment on the matter. A phone number for Dent, who has since filed for bankruptcy and lives in California, couldn’t be found.

Nobody at the police department was available to answer questions from the AP on Monday.

Dent, who started forwarding e-mails regarding the equipment to the Capital-Journal more than a year ago, told the newspaper that he had been contacted by police and expected to be charged.

Mark Glass, a co-owner of Medical Outfitters, which has gone out of business, said he gave Perkins the equipment to help with Perkins’ physical therapy.

Dent told the Capital-Journal that because of the equipment donation, Glass and co-owner Patrick Carpenter were able to purchase premium seats to men’s basketball games that they normally would not have had access to because the men were only $5,000-a-year donors to Kansas Athletics.

Dent resigned from the university in 2007, after he was charged with aggravated assault and making threats. He was never convicted and entered a two-year diversion program that ended in January.

“We put equipment into Lew’s house as a loan and requested not to have anything done for us,” Glass told the Journal-World Monday night. “We had made our contribution to the Williams Fund, showed up on the assigned day for Select-A-Seat, waited in line, and picked out our four seats.”

Glass said the seats were better than the previous two years, but not by a great deal. Asked by the Journal-World if the seats were in line with his Williams Fund contribution level, Glass said, “I’ve got to assume they were.”

Glass said his company went bankrupt and the equipment slipped his mind. Asked if he thought Perkins had done anything wrong, Glass told the Journal-World, “No. I don’t see how either of us did anything wrong.”

The ownership of the equipment remains in question. Dent said he had no use for it. Although he initially asked for $35,000 for the equipment, he told the newspaper he would accept moving and storage costs, which are about $400 per month.

The blackmail allegations came shortly after six university employees were accused in a ticket-scalping scheme that involved selling at least $1 million in basketball and football tickets to brokers.

Federal investigators are looking into allegations of wrongdoing in the athletics department and the school’s athletics fundraising arm, the Williams Educational Fund.

Journal-World Sports Editor Tom Keegan contributed to this story.


Bob Forer 7 years ago

Damn, another one and done. One indictment, and Mr. Lew is done. About time we rid ourselves of one crude and nasty carpetbagging vermin.

Bob Forer 7 years ago

the smoking cigar we hAve all been waiting for.

Zachary Stoltenberg 7 years ago

Looks like Lew wasn't as insulated as he thought. Sing it with me all! "Lew fell into a burnin' ring of fire... He went down, down, down, as the lies piled up higher. And it burns, burns, burns, the truth uncovered, you stinkin' liar..."

Steve Jacob 7 years ago

"the high school eligibility of former and current Kansas basketball players and disregarding university drug policy for athletes"

That's big, but have seen no proof of that (yet). Reminds me of the Tiger Woods story. The flood gates are open.

Scott Overfield 7 years ago

Lew will be wanting to "to take some time off to spend more time with his family" soon.

Phil Wilke 7 years ago

Interesting that the Topeka C-J broke this story not the LJW.

KEITHMILES05 7 years ago

LJW has insulted and brought too much anguish to KUAC to be confided in. Really doesn't take alot of brains to figure that out.

Keith 7 years ago

Also interesting that Dent thought it best to send his emails to the CJ.

cowboy 7 years ago

It's all too quiet on Mt. Oread ,nobody's talking to the press. Is it all better and everything investigated and solved , not. This is such an extreme lapse in judgement on Lew's part , first to accept the equipment , secondly to draw out this event over months time , third not to disclose until forced by a former employee , fourth , not to disclose when all this other crap hit the fan. Now to hide behind the "victim" sign is just dishonest. What they can't find out won't hurt me is the mode of operation. Well , you're exposed now and you explanations are weak no matter how big an attorney you had roll them out. Your level of ethics is guided by what you think you can get by with rather than what is right. Many in the flock think highly of you for one reason , you raised a lot of dough , period. There are other things that are important like not embarrassing the University , treating the University community with respect , not using the program as your personal playground and being a leader by example. The coming days will be critical for Gray-Little to re-establish integrity for the KU Athletic department. Her actions or lack thereof will speak for themselves.

We're waiting !

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

"Mark Glass, a co-owner of Medical Outfitters, which has gone out of business, said he gave Perkins the equipment to help with Perkins’ physical therapy."


Is Lew Perkins a great personal friend to everyone?

Lew Perkins do the right thing..... Resign today BUT bring the home games back home first!

roggy 7 years ago

This is a bizarre story! I have been to the Perkins house many times and there is no exercise equipment in the basement. In case you think I am making this up let me tell you the layout of the basement. (I have also been in the unfinished part and it's not hiding there either.) Here is what is in the basement - Gwen's office, a family room, and one bedroom and bath. Gwen has had an Etc. show (clothes that are ordered 2 times a year) from her home for at least 4 years and she has it in her basement. No equipment is down there. The rest of the story doesn't make much sense to me either.

pagan_idolator 7 years ago

The Capital Journal article had more information. At one point Lew allowed Dent to pick up the equipment and it was then stored in a storage facility in Topeka.

Maddy Griffin 7 years ago

Wow! That's all I can say, just... Wow!

thesloss 7 years ago

The sacred chant of Rock-Chalk Jayhawk ... fades as a new chant emerges in a whisper, growing louder and louder, "...You're a foul one, Mr. Grinch ... The three words that best describe you are as follows and I quote, "Stink, Stank, Stunk".

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

Between this Lew thing and the Junction City fraud/bribery trip with Lawrence builders all connected somehow should keep the feds busy it would seem.

Mixolydian 7 years ago

The owner of the equipment is the bankruptcy trustee. No wonder Medical Outfitters went bankrupt. Lost track of $15,000.00?

If what was reported above and on CJONLINE this morning is true, Lew has some 'splaining to do, and this guy Dent is a string of several bad adjectives.

thesloss 7 years ago

Yes, if the owner of Med Outfitters went bankrupt over 15K loss ... what does that say about the owner/A.D. of KUAD in the midst of a 1-3 million dollar loss?

Hacky 7 years ago

Can ya hear that?...Hear what?.....The house of cards falling one at a time!

cowboy 7 years ago

Lew , report to chancellors office pronto , bring your high fallutin attorney with you , and your keys , cell phones , KU auto , and any left over exercise equipment you may have.

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

People all over the country are watching this matter. Just like they watch when public education is allowed to go down the tubes by the Ks Legislature.

My father in law on the east coast say's Lew should be gone and in all likelihood is gone. We'll see.

puddleglum 7 years ago

yeah man, Lew is totally innocent of any wrong doing.

aww heck, I just tried to type that without laughing.

Lew, take marchiony and your son-in law back to east coast, thats where stuff like this is normal and nobody cares...

I wonder if Big D has any unreported fitness training equipment?

Majestic42 7 years ago

Stop defending him! He's obviously a crook, and the fact that he hasn't even said word one about this whole thing basically implicates him. Fire Lew, Fire Lew, Fire Lew.

Majestic42 7 years ago

So, since it's everywhere and commonplace, we should just allow it? People rob banks all the time, should we just ignore it? I'm just going to sweat and get dirty tomorrow, why should I even shower? Use logic. It helps.

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

Lew may well be among the wrongdoers.

Some Lawrence builders and their associates may well be among the wrongdoers.

Glass may well be among the wrongdoers.

It way well be left to a federal Grand Jury to decide after interrogations and bank accounts are investigated.

Perjury may well be among the allegations.

Dent seems to know some things.

Freeman seems to know some things.

Robert Rauktis 7 years ago

He should have given privilege to a plastic surgeon and a priest.

Tell them to get that UNC plane warmed up at the Lawrence Airport.

thesloss 7 years ago

soft chuckle <<< ... excellent.

BigPrune 7 years ago

was the equipment listed with the court when the company filed bankruptcy?

LogicMan 7 years ago

The bankruptcy judge, if not already resolved, needs to know where that equipment is so that creditors can reclaim it. (Empty basement) Maybe, hopefully, Lew returned the equipment to its owners previously?

BruceWayne 7 years ago

plug the oil leak with Perkins face. both problems solved.

thesloss 7 years ago

Bruce, stunning photo & OMG, fabulous problem solving skills!

whatupdown 7 years ago

Reminds me of a big Topeka church, would Lew make a good preacher? he's got the nose for money, needs a new start...

Frightwig 7 years ago

LarryNative is right. Did anyone actually read the story? I can't believe so many sheep are taking the bait. 2005: Dent loans equipment. 2007: Dent was let go from KU after aggravated assault and making threats. (Gee, do ya think he might be holding a grudge because he was asked to resign after assaulting someone?) Now he's trying to get back at the department by blackmailing AD. He's not exactly credible; according to this article, he has a history of making threats. I'm getting tired of reading tabloid-type stories about KU sports in the Journal World every day. I will not renew my newspaper subscription. I'm done with this rag.

whats_going_on 7 years ago


SO true, good point. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed the line about Dent's charges.

grimpeur 7 years ago

Immediately, henceforth and forward nobody and I mean no one is to ever again type, write, utter, scrawl in their own blood or pee into the snow any form of the phrase "thrown under the bus" unless and in fact some person or thing was, literally (and by "literally" I mean fricking verily and in truth literally), tossed beneath an autonomously-operated, self-powered, non-railed public conveyance. That is the 27,394th* time I've seen it since Bear Stearns went teats up. Thank you all for your kind attention to this matter.

But, yeah.

*this number may not be entirely accurate due to rounding error.

somebodynew 7 years ago

Well Frightwig - while you do have some legit points, remember this story broke FIRST in the Cap-Journal. Now that was only because Dent was sending them all his e-mails, so LJW is just trying to "catch up" to what was already out there.

And you are right, I think Dent needs some serious looking into and certainly should not be taken at face value.

guess_again 7 years ago

"Glass said the seats were better than the previous two years, but not by a great deal. "

The Topeka article suggests these tickets were in Section 6. Exactly mid-court. You know, where the Chancellor and other big-wigs sit.

That is not a $5,000/yr area. Not even close.

Horace 7 years ago

Don't forget, Perkins is the real victim.

Clickker 7 years ago

With the conference realignment going on, and KU potentially getting royally shafted, we better hope Lew sticks around. Those calling for his head dont have a clue what he can do for is worth everything to stay with the big boys.

Steve Miller 7 years ago

Been a long time commin, see ya lew.....

pace 7 years ago

I thought that a lot of tickets were given away to non contributers like the police, the city and the hospital as a matter of courtesy. If the tickets are considered of value there should be a careful record of their distribution with categories in legitimate book keeping. Government offices usually have a procedure for dispersal or acquisition of donations or gifts.

fan4kufootball 7 years ago

There really has to be more transparancy in the seating at both Allen Field House and Memorial Stadium. There should be a published list of who "owns" what seats each year and within the WEF a listing of the donor's seats relative to their priority points.

thesloss 7 years ago

fan4, excellent idea! You're hired and 'youLew know who' is fired!

4everahawk 7 years ago

roggy: If you have been in Lew's basement so many times, obviously you are a friend - Ask him if the equipment was there at one time. From all I have read, he doesn't deny that he had it installed - he just wasn't sure who 'owned' it.

whats_going_on 7 years ago

Doesn't it say in the story that the guy who is reporting this (the ex-employee of KU) doesn't work there because of assault?

I think that is worth consideration...I don't know. THAT guy sounds as shady as everyone else. I don't know if we should all be too quick to assume.

SofaKing 7 years ago

What does Self have to say about...

"Dent outlined allegations about...the high school eligibility of former and current Kansas basketball players and disregarding university drug policy for athletes, the Capital-Journal reported."

thesloss 7 years ago

Yes, what does Self have to say ... ?

thesloss 7 years ago

Listen ... >>>hand to ear<<< ... what is that screeching noise ... oh, it's most everyone putting on the brakes of any further donations to the Williams Fund / KU Athletics.

puddleglum 7 years ago

hey Marchiony, how's that tower-funding goin'?

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

"I thought that a lot of tickets were given away to non contributers like the police, the city and the hospital as a matter of courtesy."


4everahawk 7 years ago

Maybe they think they might need their services at some point for reduced 'rates'?

vega 7 years ago

Hey could I get some exercise equipment installed in my house in exchange for.......nothing????

somebodynew 7 years ago

i hate to tell ya, but tickets have NOT been given away to people like the police, the city, and elsewhere is a long, long time. $$$$ speaks. Now those 5 may have given tickets away to "special" folks, but that is a different story.

vuduchyld 7 years ago

Somebody should photoshop that picture so that he'd be walking into the L. Ron Hubbard audio visual center.

KU_cynic 7 years ago

Just a recap of some things others have commented on:

  1. Shouldn't -- as a matter of policy and personal conduct -- someone like Lew Perkins (or Bill Self or Turner Gill) refrain from accepting high-value personal gifts of any kind, so as to avoid any question of conflict of interest regarding distribution of KUAC resources (e.g., basketball tickets, seating priorities) which could be perceived as a quid pro quo? Of course. Perhaps in his warped universe Lew Perkins views this as something benign. How about in the KU chancellor's universe?

What if as a professor I received a comparable gift from a parent of a struggling student? Can I just accept it and then claim, "Of course the student earned the A, and the "loan" of that beachfront condo from the parents had no bearing on my grading." Would that kind of behavior be okay with Chancellor Gray-Little? If so, I just found a way to compensate for the absence of merit raises for faculty.

  1. The line about the firm Medical Outfitters being in bankruptcy so the status of the $15K worth of equipment "slipped" the owner's mind is ridiculous. How was the equipment accounted for on the firm's books? Don't creditors have an interest in securing this property against any unpaid bills? How frequently -- if ever -- did the firm actually "loan" equipment of this value for 3+ years without any payment from customers? This just smells.

  2. Dent sounds like a jerk, and perhaps Lew is a victim of of his bad judgment. We pay Lew tons to exercise better judgment, however.

dontcallmedan 7 years ago

It seems quite clear that Lew was not in possession of the equipment--the equipment necessary to exercise proper judgement.

Steve Bunch 7 years ago

The most sapient comments I've read so far.

irvan moore 7 years ago

This sounds just like what was happening to a former football coach, let the allegations fly and then there will be enough smoke they will have to yell FIRE! Poetic justice.

Steve Miller 7 years ago

Naw Naw Naw, Naw Naw Naw,Naw Naw , Hey Hey Hey good by LEW.....

jhokfan 7 years ago

Lots of Lew haters. Not sure if they are just run of the mill KU haters or people who can't afford tickets to sporting events.

Graczyk 7 years ago

What? Are you Lew's son-in-law or something?

whats_going_on 7 years ago

haha, nice.

And your avatar is cracking me up. :)

Scott Overfield 7 years ago

We haven't seen the last of it yet - the Feds will have their turn before too long.

anon1958 7 years ago

Logic dictates that people who have the "goods" on Lou because they are close to him will be disreputable, when it comes to scumbags, opposites do not attract. What kind of reputable and honest people do you expect Lou to have as close friends, unless of course they are just damn unlucky.

Ricky_Vaughn 7 years ago

I still think there's plenty of iceberg left to see...

7texdude 7 years ago

Lew = captain of Titannic. "We just grazed it. We should be OK..........oh ****!"

onehawkoneshock 7 years ago

One thing I am sure of is that we haven't seen or heard the last of this. I work in an office full of K-State fans and they are loving every minute of the news coming out of the KU Athletic Office. It is impossible to defend Perkins at this point. He makes more money than I will ever see in a lifetime. He can rent or buy whatever exercise or rehab equipment he needs. He can use the equipment available at the KU athletic department although I am sure he would never lower himself to use the same equipment as the athletes. Bottom line is, he should never have put himself and the university in this position. Perkins has created enemies and they are coming out to jump on a sinking ship. Question is, how much damage has Perkins done behind closed doors and when will the NCAA get involved?

deskboy04 7 years ago

These stories about tickets are all so trashy....employees taking tickets, people getting tickets for exercise equipment, and porn stars handed tickets by coaches. What is going on? I thought that KU always had a little class.

snoozey 7 years ago

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty - even Lew. The accusations against him may or not be found to be true. It is a fact that he is not adored by many of us local folks but to vilify him based on unproven allegations is poor form. It is to be hoped that the facts of this matter will come out shortly and all will be made clear. Until then a wait and see attitude seems most appropriate. We of all cities, with our history, should be mindful of the horrors of mob mentality.

boknowssports 7 years ago

lew needs to go. he is now hurting the university. whether he did anything illegal or not, he needs to go. our chancellor needs to step up and take control of this situation that spirals more and more out of control each day we hear the news....

Piggles 7 years ago

Bob Frederick...... we miss YOU!!!! I wish we could find someone with integrity like you had.

opobserver 7 years ago

Wow! Why is everybody pickin on Lew? Two weeks ago the Kansas City Star ran a story about Rodney Jones getting a free ride on a plane for his young son to the Final Four - and the owner of the plane was supposed to get better seats to the Final Four (which it didn;t happen). No one is even talking about this story. What is the difference? Jones expected, (in addition to the 800,000 he made scamming tickets) free plane rides!!!!!

7texdude 7 years ago

The sharks are circling around the body now for sure. This is going to get even uglier and I'm not sure how it could get worse.......oh wait.....KU-KSU on Thursday. Ouch. Lew deserves that he is going to get, but what will happen to KU athletics in the future?

Does anyone believe that KU is going to drop its ticket prices to placate angry alums that don't donate any money to the program any way? How is the university going to pay its athletic bills? Texas, Oklahoma, OSU, Nebraska and A&M have large budgets to battle with. How is KU going to keep up? Do we want to be like Iowa State and stink at everything?

Again, this comes at the worst possible time. While the uproar at KU is at its highest ever, the rest of the country is going to shrug. They will then leave us out of the new picture of college athletics. I am not saying that Lew should not go. He should resign. But people are so busy yelling at or with each other that no long-term planning is going to be done.

XEPCT 7 years ago

Some people say Mr. Sayers is the longer term plan.

Diana Lee 7 years ago

Seems shady that Perkins was willing to pay Dent something to keep him quiet if Perkins is in fact a victim here. Of course, it's hard to believe the word of someone in Dent's position. Being fired certainly provides an adequate incentive for him to fabricate a story. What a mess.

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