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Ambulance, LifeStar leave scene of ‘traumatic’ injury accident without transporting patient

July 30, 2010, 3:30 p.m. Updated July 30, 2010, 4:48 p.m.


2012 N. 900 Road
Emergency crews converge on the scene of a traumatic accident south of Eudora. A vehicle reportedly rolled onto a person, trapping them and causing critical injuries.

Emergency crews converge on the scene of a traumatic accident south of Eudora. A vehicle reportedly rolled onto a person, trapping them and causing critical injuries.

Emergency crews were dispatched to the scene of a traumatic injury accident south of Eudora shortly after 3:15 Friday, Douglas County Undersheriff Steve Hornberger said.

However after spending nearly an hour on the scene, a LifeStar helicopter that had been resting in the front yard left the scene without transporting anyone. Lawrence Douglas County Fire and Medical crews returned a gurney to their ambulance at the same time.

Hornberger declined to say whether the victim had died but said to check back later Friday afternoon.

Units from Eudora Township Fire Department assisted Lawrence Douglas County Fire and Medical crews with what was described as a vehicle rolling over onto a person. Witnesses on the scene could see crews trying to work beneath a large truck.

According to Douglas County tax records, the property is owned by John Thoren.

Check back to for updates.


cheeseburger 6 years ago

Think I might have waited to release the name. Because of the nature of the man's business, it could easily have been him OR someone else.

Jonathan Kealing 6 years ago

Was trying to let people know where it is. We have no idea whether he is the injured person.

somedude20 6 years ago

Yeah because everyone knows who John Thoren is and where he lives. This really has nothing to do with the story JK. Reread it, you could cut that out and nothing would be missing (as of now 4:20) but you may scare the heck out of some people who read the story who do know this person. Lawrence Journal Enquirer!

institches 6 years ago

Emergency crews were dispatched to the scene of a traumatic injury accidet south .

Might want to fix the typo...accident... :)

Randall Barnes 6 years ago

scanner traffic said a dumptruck full of gravel fell on the victim and was later triage code black.feel sorry for the family.

Boston_Corbett 6 years ago

Johnathan: Something just strikes me as inappropriate about the current draft of this brief, which obviously is written with little information. The combination of the second graph with the identity of the property owner is probably what agitates me.

cardgirl 6 years ago

Johnny was a great guy - my condolences to the family.

eathorse5 6 years ago

An true Douglas County icon taken from us..

Our prayers and thoughts to the Thoren family.....

amesn 6 years ago

Agreed...very sad week. I am almost afraid to read this paper here lately in fear of what other completely devastating tragedies have taken place.

meburr 6 years ago

Another insensitive article from LJW. To post a name of the property owner who may or may not be the victim. I'm sorry to the victims family.

50YearResident 6 years ago

Give the Journal World a break. They are chastised when they give out to much information and chastised when they give out to little information. So exactly what do you want them to do about giving out information?

50YearResident 6 years ago

If the accident happened on this man's own property I would think that his closest relatives already knew and were most likely the people that called in the accident to the proper authorities. Thanks for the proof reading.

50YearResident 6 years ago

So what do you think should be the appropriate waiting time to post names. 1 week, 2 weeks or a month? Want to make sure all the parents, siblings, children, and other close relatives and friends are notified. Maybe the neighbors and anyone else that ever knew the deceased.

Shaun Hittle 6 years ago

Cheeseburger, I assure you we have been calling back the sheriff's office for updates, but haven't been given anything.

I called their public information officer yesterday after the initial story, and never received a response.

Follow up calls have been made since then, but either no new info., or the sheriff hasn't been responding.

Shaun Hittle LJW reporter

Kyle Reed 6 years ago

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Kyle Reed 6 years ago

"Cheeseburger you have 3 choices..

  1. Start your own newspaper and run it the way you think it should be run
  2. Get a job at LJ World and do the "better job" you think should be done and finally...
  3. (Myfavorite) Shut the hell up

You may now return to your regular xxxxxxxx and moaning."

It would seem that the "B" word offends the delicate sensabilities of the LJ World so it was removed. BWAHAHAHAHAHA is all I can say to that.

IndusRiver 6 years ago

This has been a painful week.

Yeah? What's been so painful about it?

Godot 6 years ago

No updates from the sheriff's department? Easy explanation. They are all moving to new digs this weekend and are other-wise distracted.

seriously, it is ridiculous that there is no more news on this situation.

ksayswhat 6 years ago

Hey Cheese...there's a sale at Hobby Lobby...So get a freaking hobby already. How rude and insensitive of you! Don't you realize someone was hurt? Do something with your life besides troll the JW comment section. Volunteer somewhere, Habitat for Humanity, LINK, some good with all of that energy!

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