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GOP candidate for Kansas secretary of state asks others for ‘full-time’ pledges

July 29, 2010


— A Republican candidate for Kansas secretary of state is challenging his rivals to promise to be a full-time state official.

J.R. Claeys, of Salina, has signed his own pledge. He says he'll stop doing consulting work with nonprofit groups if elected.

His pledge ahead of Tuesday's primary is aimed at GOP rival Kris Kobach, a law professor known for his work on immigration issues. Kobach helped draft Arizona's new law against illegal immigration.

Kobach says he'll be a full-time secretary of state but still will have time to wind down immigration work.

The other candidate is Shawnee County Election Commissioner Elizabeth Ensley. She's also raised the issue of Kobach's work on immigration.


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blindrabbit 3 years, 8 months ago

Sieg Heil Herr Kobach! Remember, even Herr Himmler could not handle 2 jobs, he had to split the SA Brownshirts from the SS Blackshirts.


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