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25 years ago: City hall facing questions about elevator

July 26, 2010


After cutting allocations for numerous social services and stressing the need to hold the line on spending, city commissioners were facing questions when they unanimously approved the purchase of a second elevator for City Hall at a cost of $74,900. Mayor Mike Amyx and other commissioners insisted that it was a good use of funds that had been planned for years, and that a second elevator was necessary for the building.

Animal control officers were called to a construction area on 15th Street to rescue an injured great horned owl which had been spotted by workers. The owl, which did not appear to have been shot or have any other obvious injuries, was unsuccessfully trying to fly off and seemed to be in shock. The owl was to be cared for by the Rolling Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Program before being released back into the wild.

Two national band honorary societies were planning a joint convention at Kansas University. As many as 500 student musicians were expected to attend, and two nights of live music would be open to the public.


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