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100 years ago: Merchants outing a great success

July 22, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for July 22, 1910: “The new park resembled a court of Boyville yesterday. There were more kiddies to the square yard than any similar spot in Lawrence has ever held before. When Ernest Seidel and his three assistants began cutting the wagon load of great luscious melons donated by the Helm Commission Company, they were surrounded by a seething scrambling mob of youngsters each yelling to be served first. ‘I never saw so many kids in my life,’ declared Seidel this morning with a shudder. ‘They were everywhere and seemed to stretch away from the wagon as far as we could see. I didn’t see how in the world the wagon load of melons we had were going around.’ There was plenty of melon, however, for all, and the lemonade lasted until almost dark.... Lawrence newspaper men are to be congratulated upon not being swept off their feet by the automobile craze. Practically any auto on the market can be bought on the basis of part cash and part advertising, but the newspaper men have not fallen for it and still walk, or ride the street cars. Two of the publishers have taken automobiles in on trades, but immediately traded them for real estate. By the time the editors feel that they can afford an automobile they will doubtless be as much behind time as an ox cart is today.”


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