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Back-to-school styles suit Material Girls

July 19, 2010


August is quickly approaching, and before we know it, the first day of classes will be here. Check out the hottest back-to-school fashions for your kids, tweens and teens.

For tomboys:

Stock up on basic pieces in your favorite colors. Pick clothing that is easy to layer, perfect for a cool, air-conditioned environment. Do play around with the texture of each piece. Monochrome tops and jackets become much more visually appealing when they aren’t all the same material. For example, pair denim with a jersey top and light-weight, cable-knit for a fun, versatile and functional look. Not into the super-tight, skinny jean trend? Try looser-fitting boyfriend jeans for a modern look that is hip and in-style.

For girly-girls:

Clothing with lace and bows are a great choice for those who like to be more dressy and feminine. If you lean toward outfits with lots of frills, think about mixing up your color palette. Try a grey shirt with a lace collar or a cream shirt with understated bows on the sleeves. This will look more timeless and classic. Step up your outfits by adding your favorite accessories, a bright book bag and some stacked bracelets (although do be careful, bangles often slide up and down your arm, creating quite a racket).

For athletes:

This fall, suede and leather sneakers in more natural colors, like greens and browns, are gaining popularity. Also, when you’re shopping, keep your eye out for military-inspired pieces. Utility jackets and vests, understated camo prints and earthy colors will make your wardrobe functional and easy to mix-and-match.

For comfort and modernity:

Jean trends this fall include black and grey denim and fitted jeans. Try on a few pairs until you find the right one for you; look for a straight-leg jean, rather than a skinny jean, for the most comfort and versatility. Add color and texture to your wardrobe with navy and white, nautical-inspired shirts, jean jackets and plaid long-sleeve shirts.

A few more ideas:

Check out for more back-to-school fashion ideas. There you will find quizzes, including “Which fall trend is right for you?”, “How to update your fashion look for Fall” and “What should you wear on your first day back to school?”

• If you are a celebrity or television junkie, check out new clothing inspired by “Glee” or Madonna’s up-and-coming teen fashion label, Material Girl, which debuts Aug. 3 at Macy’s.

• If you’re a T-shirt and jeans kind of person, check out local stores for hip T-shirts. Businesses such as The Community Mercantile, Liberty Hall, Love Garden Sounds and Sunflower Outdoor & Bike all have fun T-shirts that are great classroom or weekend wear.


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