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40 years ago: 2nd night of violence follows fatal shooting

July 18, 2010


A second night of violence occurred in Lawrence following the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Rick Dowdell by a police officer. Lt. Eugene Williams was wounded by a small-caliber bullet as he and a fellow officer were investigating reports on four persons with guns hiding near 10th and Pennsylvania. Several buildings were also hit with firebombs overnight, mostly in the area of the Kansas University campus.

Fifty representatives of the black community marched on police headquarters and presented a petition calling for the immediate suspension of William Garrett for the circumstances surrounding Dowdell’s death as well as a thorough investigation into the events leading to the shooting.

Journalist and former presidential aide Bill Moyers arrived in Lawrence earlier in the week. He was on a cross-country journey, interviewing people and collecting material for a book on “the mood of America” which he expected to have published some time in 1971.


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