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Self gets breather from recruiting

First half of summer evaluation period ends

July 17, 2010


Bill Self sorted through a stack of mail on his office desk late Friday afternoon. He was catching up with correspondence after 10 days on the road.

“I just love recruiting,” Self, Kansas University’s eighth-year basketball coach, said with a smile.

He’d just returned from an AAU tournament in Wisconsin, the first half of the marathon summer evaluation period over and fresh in his mind.

The evaluation period runs July 6-15, and after a short breather, resumes July 22 and runs through July 31.

“Indianapolis, Cleveland, Little Rock, Tulsa, Dallas, Augusta and Milwaukee,” Self said, rattling off the cities on his recent travel itinerary.

Self was willing to discuss the sites, but not the prospects he went to scout, in accordance with NCAA rules.

Various recruiting analysts spotted him at games of several top seniors-to-be, including Ben McLemore (6-foot-5, St. Louis), Josiah Turner (6-3, Sacramento, Calif.), Jabari Brown (6-3, Oakland, Calif.) and Angelo Chol (6-8, San Diego) as well as top members of the Class of 2012, including Perry Ellis (6-8, Wichita Heights).

“We are in on some good kids, but it’s such an inexact science. Nothing has been determined yet with this next class,” said Self, who has four scholarships to award, more if any non-seniors turn pro.

“We’re actively pursuing many we think can really play.”

The NCAA is considering a proposal that would change the recruiting landscape a bit. The proposal, if adopted, would prohibit universities from offering scholarships to prospects until July 1 before their senior year. The Jayhawks recently received a commitment from Texas prep Zach Peters following his sophomore season of high school.

“The way I understand it, the proposal is they would not let the kids give commitments, which to me is ridiculous,” Self said, “that they would try to regulate that because all you are doing is opening yourself to taking commitments and hoping nobody finds out about it.

“Because if a kid were to say, ‘Hey, I’m committing,’ what are you going to say? ‘Well, I’ll let you know. I’ll get back to you. We can’t do anything legally.’

“The bottom line is, the school is more at risk than the prospect,” Self added of taking early commitments.

“Schools are at risk of taking a commitment from a young man who may not continue to develop, where it doesn’t work out, whereas the individual has much less risk. I think it’s an example of trying to regulate something you can’t manage, and there will be many, many rules broken on that.

“I certainly understand the logic on that, but (in reality) it is not logical,” he added.

Wedding bells for Miles

Self was able to hustle back to Lawrence for half a day during the recruiting period to attend the wedding of former KU guard Aaron Miles and wife Molita (Mickey).

“I was able to catch a flight and get back in time and left out early the next morning,” Self said. “It was great. There were a lot of Jayhawks at the wedding (including best man Michael Lee, who is an assistant coach at University of San Francisco). It was a perfect night to be outside up on the fifth floor of the Oread (Hotel). It was a beautiful setting.”

Selby’s splint removed

KU freshman point guard Josh Selby earlier this week had the splint removed from the little finger on his left, non shooting hand. Selby, who is’s No. 1-ranked prospect in the Class of 2010, broke his pinkie in a pick-up game June 7.

“He’s shooting and stuff, but no contact yet,” Self said. “He’s waiting to get full range of motion through rehab.”


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