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25 years ago: Urban Renewal Agency to meet with developer planning downtown mall

July 13, 2010


During their second meeting at City Hall, the Urban Renewal Agency discussed the legal ramifications of the group’s broad powers to assist downtown redevelopment. The agency was planning to meet in August with the president of Town Center Venture Corp., which was planning to build a mall in the 600 block of downtown.

Youngsters aged 8 to 13, participating in a problem-solving workshop sponsored by KU’s Museum of Natural History, attempted to design and build small watercraft that would cross Potter Lake. The young shipbuilders faced 97-degree heat, fickle winds and curious ducks as they discovered and overcame problems with their styrofoam, paper and popsicle-stick boats.

Harvesters for the Kansas City Produce Co. were in the Lawrence area to harvest sweet corn. The corn was picked by about 90 laborers, boxed up and shipped by refrigerated truck to Kansas City where it would probably be sold a day after it was picked.


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