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Deformed baby giraffe born at Topeka zoo

July 12, 2010


— A giraffe who gave birth to a deformed calf in 2006 gave birth to a calf Sunday that appears to have the same deformity.

Zoo director Brendan Wiley said the future is undecided for the female baby giraffe born about 2 p.m. Sunday at the Topeka Zoological Park. The calf was born to 25-year-old giraffe Dolly, whose last calf suffered from a congenital hoof problem and was euthanized.

Wiley told The Topeka Capital-Journal that an initial exam of the new calf showed it may be dealing with the same hoof condition. He said both rear hooves have been immobilized in fiberglass casts to try to correct the condition.

He said the calf’s prognosis is guarded, and if its condition deteriorates, the zoo will have it euthanized.


Pywacket 3 years, 9 months ago

The situation for the animal is very grave, and no laughing matter. I hope she can, with the help of creative veterinary intervention, overcome her deformity and get around okay with the prosthetic devices.

That said.... I had to laugh at the image of the zoo director "ordering" giraffes to mate! Just how does that work? Supply the male with Axe for Guyraffes and he becomes irresistible to the female? Threaten them that if they don't do it right this very minute they will become lion food?


Kris_H 3 years, 9 months ago

The Topeka zoo is under new management now. One can only hope they are nowhere near as arrogant as the previous managment. I'm also trying to get a conversation started about rethinking the priorities of keeping the larger animals at the Topeka Zoo, for the good of the animals.


Bob Kraxner 3 years, 9 months ago

I didn't know Topeka had a zoo ! One would think that Lawrence would suffice as a zoo for Topeka. I guess I've learned something new today.


KEITHMILES05 3 years, 9 months ago

The bigger story is the former zoo director had a directive to not have the giraffes mate. This was on recommendation of a national zoo organization. The guy then reverses himself and orders them to mate. The director has been forced out of his jobdue to mismangement of a number of issues. This is only one example of truly horrible leadership at the Topeka Zoo which has resulted in inhumane treatment of animals.


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