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100 years ago: Licentious behavior reported at Timber Island

July 12, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for July 12, 1910: “Lightning plays unusual tricks occasionally but it is seldom that a bolt displays such violence as it did in the 1200 block on Pa. street during the storm last evening. A fine old tree in front of the U. G. Glenn property, 1245 Pa., was struck during the storm and pieces scattered over yards hurled within a radius of half a block of the tree. The slabs were hurled with sufficient force to crash through windows in the neighborhood, the big front window of C. R. Sage, 1241 Pa. being broken by a flying chunk of wood.... Some of the law abiding farmers who live north of town have come to the World office with complaints in regard to the actions of a number of Lawrence men who spent last Sunday at Timber Island near Williamstown. The island is in Jefferson county so it will be a matter for the officers of that county to look after. It is said that a wagon load of liquid refreshments were sent to the island and that the visitors allowed none of it to go to waste. Some of them imbibed so freely that they were actually indecent in their conduct while on the way back to town.... Threshing has now begun in earnest in Douglas county. Yesterday the separator was started on the McGinnis place near Bismarck and today another threshing outfit will begin work on J. C. Wise’s farm near Bismarck school house.”


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