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Weddings on a budget from the groom’s perspective

July 10, 2010


Weddings are supposed to one of the happiest days in a person’s life. So to all the men out there, make good on this belief by following these five simple rules.

Just say no to destination weddings: Destination weddings are a cash drain for everyone involved. Unless you want the wedding and honeymoon as a packaged deal (you don’t), it’s best to keep the wedding in your bride’s hometown. Keep yourself on good terms with the in-laws — don’t deflate their bank account before the nuptials are even in place.

For the bachelor party, go big or go local: Bachelor parties are meant to celebrate your last days of single life, not the last days of spending money. Local bachelor parties should guarantee a high turnout. But if you absolutely must go somewhere, like Las Vegas, invite a group large enough to warrant discounts on the rooms, dinners and shows. If not, you may be writing the sequel to a Todd Phillips’ comedy called “The Financial Hangover.”

Avoid an expensive rehearsal dinner: No matter what is served, the rehearsal dinner is a great time for friends to remind everyone of those long lost stories you shared with each other from high school and college. As with such off-color commentary, supplementing guests with filet mignon and top shelf liquor is unnecessary. They might be slightly irked, but it’s free for them anyways. Save the good stuff for the reception.

Keep the invitations simple (stupid): Forking over lots of money on invitation stationery is a mistake. Let’s face it, most of your guests will throw away your invitations right after they jot down the dates on a calendar. Shocking, I know — it’s almost disturbing enough to just send out Evites instead. Almost.

Let the bride pick the honeymoon: She might go easy on you knowing it was her choice. Otherwise, you may be in a world of hurt after all the damage she can do shopping.


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