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July 10, 2010


University Bridge Club announces results of its July 3 meeting with hosts Ray and Myrna Ikenberry.

Blue winners were Doug Baur, first; John Golden, second; Roz Zimmerer, third; Steven Bogler, fourth; and Marc Kuepker, fifth.

Pink winners were Lois Liebert, first; Myrna Ikenberry, second; Sue Baur, third; Carol Smith, fourth; and Hazel Stellmacher, fifth.

The Wednesday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on June 30 was directed by Chris Lane. North-South winners were Vince Nordberg and Steven Vossler, first in A; John Fittell and Ed Howard, second in A; Shirley Reese and Virginia Seaver, third in A; Dianne Childs and Judy Hildreth, fourth in A; Mary Treece and Madelyn Jenks, first in B; and Linda Randall and Clarice Broz, second in B and first in C.

East-West winners were Paul Heitzman and David Piro, first in A; Eldon Herd and Klee Zaricky, second in A and first in B; Grant Sutton and Catherine Blumenfeld, third in A and second in B; Sally Taylor and Yvonne Hedges, fourth in A and third in B; Mona Bell and Nita Scales, first in C; and Barbara McCorkle and Judy Bevan, second in C.

The Thursday Morning Mentor Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on July 1 was directed by Lester Dalton. Winners were Sara Landau and Lester Dalton, first; Barbara Haverty and Patricia Lechtenberg, second; and Jan O’Connor and Shannon O’Connor tied for third with Becky Mullins and Angie Davidson.

The Friday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on July 2 was directed by Virginia Seaver. North-South winners were Kent McCullough and Ed Howard, first in A; Lester Dalton and Mary Fenlon, second in A; Larry Weatherholt and Steven Vossler, third in A; Sally Taylor and Virginia Seaver, fourth in A; and Barbara McCorkle and Mary Treece, first in B and C.

East-West winners were David Piro and Paul Heitzman, first in A; Dick Shaffer and Jack Flickinger, second in A, and first in B and C; Judy Bevan and Jolene Andersen, third in A, and second in B and C; and Carol Ball and Nita Scales, fourth in A and third in B.

The Monday Evening Duplicate Bridge Club’s game of July 5 utilized the Howell movement and was directed by Virginia Seaver. Winners were David Piro and Brian Barrett, first in A; John Fittell and Ed Howard, second in A; Julia Dalton and Mary Fenlon tied for third in A with Craig Huneke and Lois Clark, who also placed first in B.


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