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40 years ago: Lawrence houses face demolition

July 9, 2010


A new Centrex phone system was scheduled to greet returning KU students in August. Formerly, students had used a telephone system in which extension phones served about 40 persons each. Under the new system, students would be able to dial both local and long-distance calls directly from their rooms. The new phones, like the ones in KU administrative offices, would have an 864 prefix rather than the 843 and 842 prefixes assigned to other Lawrence customers.

A photo showed a large house, formerly located at 1126 New Hampshire, being moved to its new location at 320 Florida. Several houses faced demolition or moving to make way for the new law enforcement-judicial building which was to be located east of the county courthouse.

Temperatures were expected to reach 100 degrees again within 24 hours. The drought was in its 19th day with no measurable precipitation in sight.

Ninety percent of the state’s wheat acreage had been harvested by July 4. This was a more rapid harvest than previous years. By that date in 1969, only 51 percent had been harvested.


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