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40 years ago: Drought settles in over northeast Kansas

July 7, 2010


A drought had settled in over northeast Kansas, affecting the corn and milo crops. Corn was at its critical “tasseling” stage and each day of dry weather was causing more harm. Early heavy rains in the season had only caused plants to develop shallow root systems, which meant that plants were now unable to tap into moisture deep in the ground.

A photo showed some local officials visiting the Douglas County Historical Society Museum, which had had its opening on July 4. The museum was located in the basement of the Police-Fire building at 8th and Vermont. Among its treasures was the cannon used in the destruction of the Free State Hotel, forerunner of the present Eldridge Hotel.

The dog that had been found covered with a stiff coat of tar three weeks earlier was determined to have suffered an accidental fall into a pit of tar at a construction site. After a rescue and painstaking cleaning by the Lawrence Humane Society, the little dog had now received her shots and her spaying and was to be adopted by a local resident.


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