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100 years ago: Man drowns at West Linwood bluffs

July 7, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for July 7, 1910: “The Lawrence Railway and Light Company has not only put in operation three miles more track than called for it its original franchise, but it is operating eight cars and giving a much better schedule than was ever thought necessary or possible. But the improvement of the line is in no sense complete, for men will begin at once putting in the loop at the south line of Breezedale, which puts the cars two blocks nearer Haskell and as soon next spring as possible the line will be built on Lee street connecting Massachusetts with New Jersey street in order to make the park more accessible to the people of the south and west part of the city.... Within plain view of twenty-five people, Roy Sites of Junction City, a watchman on the Union Pacific work extra No. 696 out of this city, was drowned at West Linwood bluffs yesterday afternoon. He had started to swim the river with his dearest friend. Halfway across the latter turned back. Sites was heard to cry at this instant. Those on the bank supposed he was calling to his friend to continue across, and when he shrieked a moment later that he was drowning, no one was sufficiently near to render him any assistance. Sites was not quite 22 years of age. He had been running on this division a long while, and frequently made his headquarters here, when the work train was stationed on the track near Lawrence.”


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