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40 years ago: Fire bomb believed to be cause of fire at Pennsylvania House

July 6, 2010


A fire at the Pennsylvania House, 1035 Pennsylvania Street, had caused an estimated $100 in damages in a store room. The house was owned by the KU Endowment Association and was used as a teaching branch of the KU Sociology Department. A fire bomb was believed to be the cause.

Work on the Highway K-10 widening project was far behind schedule after weeks of rain had washed out almost a full month of work. Crews were grading out the western segments of the project near Learnard. West of Harper, asphalt was being poured for an access road on the north side of the highway project. Also scheduled was a bridge over the Santa Fe Railroad tracks.

A city commission meeting was scheduled to consider a proposed revision to the ordinance on motorcycles. The current city ordinance still required all riders to wear helmets, but as of July 1 that had become unenforceable by a change in state law which said that only cycle riders under 21 were required to wear the helmets.


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