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100 years ago: City struck by powerful wind storm

July 6, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for July 6, 1910: The World reported on a “terrific wind storm” which had recently blown through the city. “The big blow had a clear sweep across the Kaw bridge and up Massachusetts which it struck amidships. At the corner of the Eldridge the force of the wind was terrific. A woman standing on the corner next to the Western Union started across the street for protection from the rain. She was carried diagonally down the pavement and she finally carromed into shelter in an express office a quarter of a block down the street. The suddenness of the wind storm carried hats soaring high in the air, while their owners circled round in hot pursuit. The wind unroofed Piersons boathouse on the Kaw, and uprooted many trees over the city.” Regarding recent coverage of the Jeffries-Johnson “Fight of the Century,” the World reported that it “was the greatest fight since the days of the Roman gladiators” and that “those who gathered at the World office were at all times during the fight within five minutes of the ringside. The World was also four rounds ahead of every other report throughout the fight. Then, an Extra Edition was on the streets within 20 minutes after Jeff went down and out.”


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