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KU’s Selby eager to return to court

Kansas University freshman Josh Selby talks with media members in this June 8, 2010 file photo, a day after his arrival in Lawrence. Selby was listed as one recruit connected with violations made by Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl.

Kansas University freshman Josh Selby talks with media members in this June 8, 2010 file photo, a day after his arrival in Lawrence. Selby was listed as one recruit connected with violations made by Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl.

July 3, 2010


Wearing a Baker University basketball camp T-shirt and a big smile on his face, Josh Selby on Friday morning dribbled up and down the George F. Collins, Jr. Center court at half-speed.

The 6-foot-3 Kansas University freshman point guard from Baltimore weaved through a batch of second- to 12th-graders — as well as fellow KU guard/camp counselor Tyrel Reed — making sure none of them came anywhere near the bulky black brace and splint on his left hand.

“I have about two or three more weeks (in the splint). It’s frustrating because I want to do what I love, which is play basketball right now, and I really can’t,” Selby said Friday from new Wildcat coach/former KU staff member Brett Ballard’s camp in Baldwin City.

Selby, who was only dribbling righty on Friday, broke the pinkie on his left, non-shooting hand in a June 7 pick-up game.

“I’m working out, doing a lot of one-handed shooting and a lot of floaters and a lot of practice layups,” Selby said. “Lifting (weights) is 10-times harder, so I just hope it heals quick.”

Selby, who has been in Lawrence since early June for summer school, has done everything asked to help speed his recovery.

“I do therapy. Six times a day I have to take it (splint) off, so I’m hoping the therapy works so I can get back on the court. When the two (or three) weeks are up, I’m back to playing right away, so that’s a good thing,” Selby said.

Selby said that except for getting hurt in his first college pick-up game, everything has been going well.

“It’s a lot of fun. The community is great. They (fans) communicate with you. They say hi to you. They welcome you in. It’s great being in Lawrence right now,” said Selby, who gets noticed on campus and around town.

“Yes. Of course (because of) my injury, they know who I am. I try to stay low-key, but of course they know because I’ve got this big cast on my arm.”

Selby said he doesn’t feel pressure entering college as’s No. 1-rated player in the Class of 2010.

“It’s high expectations,” Selby said. “I’m willing to play at my level that I’m supposed to play at. There’s not really any pressure on me right now. Me and Tyshawn (Taylor, junior guard) talk a lot, because we kind of play the same. I shoot more threes. He took me under his wing, and he’s telling me what to do and what not to do right now.

“Of course he had a lot of mistakes back then (when Taylor was a freshman), so he’s teaching me not to do what he did and to be on the right path.”

Selby said the worst part of his being out of action came in mid-June. He had hoped to compete before 800 campers in a pair of Bill Self campers games matching current and former KU players.

“I wanted to go out there and play against Keith Langford and against Mario Chalmers. To be sitting on the sideline, you could see in my face I was annoyed a little bit, but I was also happy that we beat them (in second pick-up game). They were talking a lot of trash,” Selby said with a smile.

“Everything’s great. We all go out to play the game together. We’re just cool. We’re bonding already,” he added of the 2010-11 Jayhawks players.

Ballard ball: New Baker coach Ballard, the former director of basketball operations at KU, officially started at BU on July 1, once KU’s camp season had ended.

“I really appreciate those guys coming down. Tyrel and Josh did a great job this morning,” Ballard said of the Jayhawk counselors, who worked both the morning and afternoon camp sessions.

“I wish I could recruit them to play for us. I get those two to play for us, we could win quite a few games in the HAAC (Heart of America Athletic Conference) this year,” Ballard added with a laugh.

Ballard plans on borrowing some ideas from KU coach Self in his first head-coaching job.

“I’ve been very fortunate to be with coach Self, learn his philosophies. The way he does things, I think, is incredible,” Ballard said. “I’ll try to incorporate a lot of the same philosophy, same ideas, here at Baker.

“I am still living in Lawrence. I can always run over there and bug them (KU coaches) any time I want. Those guys have been great. I’ll rely on them to continue to help me along the way. I’ll be at some practices. I’ll be at some games and try to learn from them as much as I possibly can.”

Of Ballard, KU’s Selby said: “I knew about him a little bit in the recruiting process. I mainly see him working camps. He’s so energizing. He’s great at working with kids. Working with him is great. He coached at KU. Now he’s here. I wish him and Baker luck.”

KU senior Reed added: “I really miss him. I’ve known him since I was in high school. He was director of basketball operations and kind of just ran the place. Coach (Barry) Hinson is there. He will do a great job (as new director of basketball). Coach Ballard will be dearly missed.”

Notes:’s Jason Belzer has named KU’s Joe Dooley the No. 1 assistant coach in the country. KU’s Kurtis Townsend was ranked 12th in FOX’s list of the top 25 assistants. ... Former Missouri coach Quin Snyder has been named an assistant coach on Doug Collins’ Philadelphia 76ers staff. Snyder spent the last three seasons as the head coach of the Austin Toros in the Development League and was the league’s coach of the year in 2008-09.

— Sunflower Broadband’s Kevin Romary contributed to this report.


Matt Bowers 7 years, 9 months ago

I think that TT taking Selby under his wing is a good thing. It gives TT more stock in the team and Selby an outlet when the pressure mounts. I also think that being very excited about this team is an understatement, this team is dangerous. Once HCBS gets this team playing together, it is going to be nasty!

Always wanted to know what happened to Snyder. Does anyone know why he fell from grace? Good article all around, good to know what is going on in Jayhawk nation.

Rock Chalk

windjammer 7 years, 9 months ago

This young man is going to be good, good, very good. Go Jayhawks

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