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City code clarifies fireworks etiquette

July 3, 2010


Fireworks regulations for the Fourth of July weekend are different depending on the location of each celebration.

In Lawrence, possession, manufacture, storage, sale, use and handling of fireworks is prohibited, according to the city code.

However, the city allows these novelties:

• Party poppers, with less than 0.25 grains of explosive composition.

• Snappers, less than 0.02 grains of explosive composition.

• Toy smoke devices, not classified as 1.4G.

• Snakes, less than 0.07 ounces of pyrotechnic material.

• Toy caps, less than 0.25 grains of explosive composition.

In Douglas County, bottle rockets are not allowed, but all other class C fireworks are legal.

According to county code, fireworks may not be used:

• Within 1,000 feet of hospitals, sanitariums or infirmaries.

• Within 100 feet of any fireworks stand.

• Into, under, from or on a moving or still vehicle.

• On any public roadway or right-of-way adjoining a public roadway.

• On any private property without permission.

Fireworks can be used:

• 7 a.m. to midnight on July 3 and July 4.

At Clinton Lake and at any state park, no fireworks or novelties are allowed. Dave Rhoades, park manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, said people who set off fireworks would receive a warning first and a $100 citation if caught again.

The Lawrence Police Department (785-832-7509) accepts calls about illegal fireworks activity in the city limits.


workerman 7 years, 10 months ago

They're only illegal for US, not whoever the city decides to let put on the display-another parental law. No kidding Grandma, like it stops most people. It's just another way to get revenue, writing tickets for setting off fireworks. It's legal in Wichita this year, go there and celebrate our "independence." It's even legal in Eudora. Me, I'm going to celebrate by giving some hard-earned money to a drunk, aggressive Lawrence pan-handler instead of a local business person trying to sell me fireworks I'm not supposed to shoot off.

kernal 7 years, 10 months ago

No kidding about good luck on getting it enforced. I cannot believe how many people out here are shooting off firecrackers with little children running around. A neighbor called the police 15 minutes ago and still no show. If it's sold, it's being lit up. As much as I have always bashed Topeka, at least they enforce it. I don't know what the problem is here.

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