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Big 12 reprimands Tuberville

July 3, 2010


— New Texas Tech football coach Tommy Tuberville has been reprimanded by the Big 12 after an interview in which he questioned the future of the conference.

The Big 12, which lost two members last month, issued the reprimand Friday saying Tuberville violated a conference standard that prohibits public criticism of members.

In an interview this week on Rivals Radio, Tuberville said there is “too much disparity between all the teams” in the Big 12 in how money is distributed.


Texas4Big12 7 years, 8 months ago

It's too bad I was feeling sorry for KU when Texas had a chance to join the Pac 10. KU would have been left homeless (No major BCS conference to join).

The Pac 10 did not even consider inviting KU until after A&M declined their invitation! Even then, KU never got an official invitation.

Hate Texas all you want, but Texas is the only reason the other Big 12 South schools were invited to join the Pac 10. When Texas declined the invitation, the others followed suit. This is what saved the Big XII and this is what speaks volumes about who is the most important team in the league.

Comments by Tommy Tuberville (who never coached a Big XII team) and comments by KU fans posted at this website puts you all on the same level of Missouri and Missouri fans. Missouri wanted a free ride from Texas and Oklahoma (the teams that bring the big bucks into the conference) and Texas would never allow this to happen. Why should Texas and Oklahoma work hard just to have the smaller schools in the league get an equal share of their television revenue? Logically speaking, it makes absolutely no business sense for Iowa State, KU, KSU, Baylor and Texas Tech to think that they deserve an equal share when all they are doing is riding on Texas' coat tail. Give me a break!

Texas Tech is pissed off that A&M will be getting more money than Tech so the fool Tuberville opened his big mouth about unfair revenue sharing. Yeah, he just wants a bigger pay check for himself and everyone knows it. Texas Tech is no better than a community college at best and academically speaking, they will never be on the same level as Texas or Texas A&M. I should know because I am a native Texan and I have seen all the Texas schools in person. Heck, even small school Baylor is much better than Tech when it comes to academics. I have a lot of respect for Baylor University (beautiful campus with high academic standards).

Texas and Oklahoma get more television exposure than the other schools in the league (and I shouldn't have to explain the reasons) so of course they should keep more of the money. Stick your necks out like these two schools, then you will have an argument. In your non-conference scheduling, stop scheduling teams like St. Mary's School for the Deaf and Blind and start scheduling teams like Ohio State, UCLA, Miami, Georgia and beat these teams, then you will have an argument for getting more money.

For those of you who think Texas controls the conference, the answer to your problem is simple. LEAVE. Don't stay in a conference you are not happy being in. Everyone gets tired of whiners after a while. That is why I will now think of KU fans as being like Missouri fans (whiners and crybabies) because their teams cannot beat Texas or Oklahoma on the football field so they cry about unfair revenue sharing. Get a life and stop insulting the intelligence of anyone who knows what is really going on!

puddleglum 7 years, 8 months ago

ummm, the big Eight was just fine with out crybaby longhorns. go bevo yourself.

Texas4Big12 7 years, 8 months ago

You mean the big 2 (Nebraska and OU) and little 6! Yeah, right. If the big 8 was fine without the new members, then the Big 12 would have never happened. What's wrong? You know the truth hurts, don't you? You have no class, just like Mizzou fans! You have a pathetic team and a pathetic stadium so you are quick to shift the focus to something else. You know you will never be able to field a team worth bragging about. Every conference has its doormats. Guess where you stand? There are high schools in Texas that have football stadiums the size of KU's and KSU's. Heck, I have seen a couple of high school stadiums here in Houston that would put you to shame.

It will be a cold day in h3ll when KU will ever bring anything of value to the table. Do us all a favor and stop mooching off the top teams and if you insist on mooching, then shut up and stop your whining, you crybaby!

Gregory Newman 7 years, 8 months ago

KU don't need anybody especially a dang Texas with their racist history. The world knows what color of skin that brings in the cash. They ain't no different then Boston as long as one is wearing burnt orange and white and carrying the MELON its all good. But a non-athlete hey whats he doin round these parts. Kansas has its issues but it will never be at the expense of a sport yea they'll cry and hurt but they will always maintain their dignity. Trust me you will see a new football team and don't you dare try to steal any thunder because the coach is from Texas. This Lawrence kid personally coached 3 kids that are in the league. Marshawn Lynch, Jahvid Best and Courtney Brown. Ima play like Janet what have you done lately.

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