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40 years ago: Newspaper sale price of 20 cents forseeable

July 3, 2010


An official of Gannett Newspapers was quoted as saying that the “day of the 20-cent newspaper is tomorrow.” He noted that some daily newspapers had “timidly and apologetically” raised their prices to 15 cents in recent weeks, and he predicted that most newspapers in the country would eventually follow their lead. (The Journal-World was available for ten cents per copy on this date.)

In an article comparing the costs of attending school at each of the Big Eight institutions, Kansas University was shown to be above average in the costs to a state resident, but below average in the amount charged a non-resident.

A car struck a home at 782 Locust and went through the living-room wall. A 9-year-old boy who had been sleeping on the floor ended up under the car, while a 13-year-old boy, who had been on a sofa, was pushed up against the wall. The boys were not injured, but the driver of the car was treated for facial cuts and possible internal injuries. The driver told police that as he was stopped at Seventh and Locust, an unidentified man entered his car and began beating him. The “beating and scuffling” had continued as the driver continued to travel around the block. After he lost control of the vehicle, the driver said, the man jumped out and ran to a car that had been following behind them.


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