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Committee formed to search for dean

January 29, 2010


Kansas University has named a committee to lead the search for a new law dean.

Dean Gail Agrawal will leave on July 1 to accept a similar position at the University of Iowa.

Chris Drahozal, distinguished professor of law and associate dean for research and faculty development, will serve as the committee’s chairman.

Other members are Mike Kautsch, professor of law; Laura Hines, professor of law; Elizabeth Weeks Leonard, associate professor of law; Jelani Jefferson Exum, associate professor of law; Pam Keller, clinical associate professor of law; Todd Rogers, assistant dean for career services; John Gaunt, dean of the School of Architecture, Design and Planning; Mary Lee Hummert, vice provost for faculty development; Derrick Darby, associate professor of philosophy; Ganesh Nair, a first-year law student from Alexandria, Va.; and William Sampson, a 1971 graduate of the KU School of Law and partner in Shook, Hardy & Bacon.


anon1958 8 years, 2 months ago

If this is "news", the KU administrators are very slow to activate this committee. What have they been waiting for the announcement of the dean leaving was weeks ago? Notably absent are any notable representatives from academia that are from the outside of KU. The committee is seriously diluted with too many third wheels. Kick off the undergrad, dean of architecture, vice provost Hummert (she is way over her head anyway), and Sampson and replace them with a couple of prominent faculty from a law school that matters.

The people that I suggest be kicked are just representatives of constituencies that need to be kept away from the search and/or just manifestly do not have the academic credentials to be on the committee. There is an outside professor from philosophy present and he combined with representatives from outside KU are ample to monitor any egregious display of KU internal politics.

Typical KU committee, overfull of people not really needed and deficient of appropriate outside supervision or advice.

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