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100 years ago: Blasts help clear ice from river

January 26, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Jan. 26, 1910: The warm weather and the proper use of dynamite and a number of men with long sticks to guard the ice chunks that float down the Kaw River here have worked a wonderful improvement in the conditions of the ice. Gradually the ice seems to be drifting down the river here and a channel is being made where the water flows and moves big chunks of ice. The river flow had helped restore the power to the plant at the dam and there is great improvement after a long period of trouble. . . . Seventy-five years ago, Adam Oliver of Lawrence was strolling across a field in rural England with his father and saw Halley’s Comet. He is now looking for it to come back after a long absence. He has many details to share about that important evening. . . . Tom Smith is in jail here and says it is not so bad behind bars. “I call this little place my home. It’s warm and I get food and I teach fellow prisones some catchy hymns. I’m in no hurry to leave,” says Smith. . . . All is not good news about the river ice. This .afternoon the Kaw ice gorge broke away above the dam and acres of new ice stated downstream. A report from Turner, Kan., says one span of the bridge across the river there was taken out by ice. And the bridge at Linwood also was virtually destroyed.


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