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Scouting KU and its future in the 2010 NFL Draft

January 23, 2010


Three former Kansas University football players — Kerry Meier, Todd Reesing and Darrell Stuckey — will suit up for the West in today’s East-West Shrine Bowl, set for 2 p.m. on ESPN2 (Sunflower Broadband channels 34 and 234). Another, Dezmon Briscoe, surely will hear his named called during the NFL Draft, which starts in 91 days.

One of the four, Reesing, won’t get drafted. Guess the order the other three will hear their names called and compare that to what Dan Shonka, director of the respected Ourlads Scouting Services, forecasts for the players.

Shonka absolutely loved Reesing as a college quarterback, but he believes even a huge day today wouldn’t be enough to get Reesing drafted.

“It’s too bad,” said Shonka, a former college assistant coach and NFL scout. “It kills you at times, but the reality of it is, look at what a great player Doug Flutie was, and he had a big-time gun on him and still nobody gave him a chance. He had to go Canada before he got a real chance in the NFL. Maybe the best thing would be for Reesing to go to Canada and say to heck with everyone down here. He has all the things you need except for the height and the big gun you need to throw into tight spots.”

Kerry Meier has a much better shot at getting drafted. Surprisingly, Shonka said it’s possible Meier could get bypassed and sign as a free agent.

“I think you’d be looking at him as a possession receiver, a slot receiver,” Shonka said. “Good size. Good hands. Pretty good athletic ability. The big thing is, Meier can catch the ball. What drives me nuts is, every Sunday you’ll see these good-looking receivers drop balls. Some receivers coach might say he’s not fast enough, but all he does is catch passes. He may get drafted late. With 53 juniors coming out, that bumps everybody down almost two rounds. We see Kerry as a seventh-rounder or a free-agent guy. But somebody might fall in love with him in a workout if he runs well. He catches the ball with his hands out in front, and to me that’s paramount. Most of the ones you see guys drop on Sunday are the ones that bounce off their chest.”

Safety Darrell Stuckey generously was listed as 6-foot-1 by Kansas. Is he too short to get drafted high?

“If he can jump and time his jump, nobody will worry about his height,” said Shonka, an assistant to Don Fambrough for one year at Kansas. “I like Darrell a lot. He’s our top-rated strong safety. He’s certainly an active safety. He doesn’t stay blocked long, and he runs right through guys making a tackle. Where will he be drafted? I’m going to say second or third round. This will all depend on how he runs at the (NFL) combine and working out for teams. If he runs well, I could see him going in the middle of the second round.”

Shonka said the stopwatch also will play a big part in determining Briscoe’s draft fate.

“He’ll be a slot receiver,” Shonka said. “People will salivate over his long arms and big hands. He’s got to be a little more conscientious about holding onto the ball. He won’t be a feature guy in the league. He’ll probably be a No. 2 or a No. 3 receiver. To put a round on him, you’re probably looking at the third round. If he runs fast, he might creep into the second.”


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