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White Owl gets probation, ordered not to return to KU campus

January 22, 2010, 4:38 p.m. Updated January 22, 2010, 5:13 p.m.


Jimmy Tucker, also known as White Owl, was sentenced to one year of probation and ordered not to return to Kansas University after pleading no contest to a charge of violating a protection order, Douglas County prosecutors and court records said Friday.

The 62-year-old Lawrence man is known to frequent campus and make noise and wave at people.


anon1958 7 years ago

"The 62-year-old Lawrence man is known to frequent campus and make noise and wave at people."

WTF!!! People pay crap loads of money to do this at Allen Fieldhouse and this guy was arrested for it! Why didnt Perkins just give this guy some damn football tickets. One more person waving and making noise in memorial stadium next fall would be a statistically significant increase in the fan base.

rattler 7 years ago

so long, I'm not gonna miss you

Ignorant_Yokel 7 years ago

Meanwhile, Black Pelican is still on the loose!

xclusive85 7 years ago

anon, maybe you should look into what White Owl was really arrested for! it wasn't for acting like a 62 year old fool on campus. pretty sure one of the things he got arrested for was he was on acid! and had drugs on campus! also had a restraining order against him and he was in violation of it.

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

Why does the LJW include nuggets of information in stories that are more interesting than the stories themselves but don't go into detail about the information? If they are going to bother with a story about someone pleading no contest to a crime, they should at least give us the details of the crime. What's the deal with the protection order?

somebodynew 7 years ago

If I remember correctly (and I am too lazy to research) the restraining order was something to do with a female he wasn't supposed to be around, not the campus itself. Now again, I am operating off of old and sometimes faulty memory, so if I am wrong, I apoligize beforehand.

BigPrune 7 years ago

I saw White Cloud at a KU basketball game a couple of years ago. It was the first time I'd attended in years. I wondered who that freak was. I could tell he thought he was great when nobody else did. Glad he won't be at anymore games in the near future.

RoeDapple 7 years ago

autie (Anonymous) says…

"Jimmy Tucker. My life is becoming more complete and I can cross one more thing off my bucket list. I finally know white owl's real name. I don't reckon he'll be a Greeter at the Walmart either."


Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

Thanks, somebodynew. I figured it was something like that. It just would have been nice for LJW to include that in this article.

BigPrune - White Cloud?

xclusive85 7 years ago

and the girl was a 24 year old student that he was engaged to prior to the restraining order.

Bladerunner 7 years ago

Perhaps he will become a Missouri fan now. Im sure they would welcome all low class fools.

somebodynew 7 years ago

@xclusive85 - I thought that, but just was not certain enough to post it. But that sounds exactly right as my slow memory works.

James Bennett 7 years ago

Normally each of our articles has a bit automatically appended which shows related (as calculated by our search system) stories, and which hopefully would've listed this article from November with background on the case:

At the moment, though, the automatic list of related stories is disabled (we turned it off a couple days ago, actually) while we track down some technical issues.

-- James Bennett, web developer,

Kent Kossoy 7 years ago

My wife refers to this paper as the "Lawrence Bee." I am beginning to understand what she means.

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

Thank you, James. I had looked for the list of related stories but didn't see it so I didn't think there were any.

yankeevet 7 years ago

They let him go; cause they are tired of feeding and providing shelter for the ole hippie..............

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

As for how easy it is to get a protective order, it's pretty darn easy. All one has to say is that they are concerned for their safety. When my friend and his (now) ex-wife got separated, she had one taken out against him, even though she was the psycho. And I experienced her mental unbalance up close and personal.

newmedia 7 years ago

Maybe he can hook up as a roadie with Cheech and Chong's new comedy tour !!

ldvander 7 years ago

"Jimmy Tucker. My life is becoming more complete and I can cross one more thing off my bucket list. I finally know white owl's real name. I don't reckon he'll be a Greeter at the Walmart either." Wrote autie

Oh my God I have not laughed so hard in a while. Thanks

jonas_opines 7 years ago

"Everyone knew what he was but didn't seem to care…his dancing and carrying on was pretty much universally thought of as “cool”."

Sorry, I thought of him as more or less a losing proposition from the beginning, as did a lot of people that I knew on the hill. He might have been a novelty for a while to some, but that's the extent of it.

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

The police never hassled the Tan Man. Of course, he probably never got involved with a woman 1/3 his age who probably only broke off their engagement and took out the protective order because her family made her.

somebodynew 7 years ago

If I remember correctly Tan Man never brought much attention to himself (other than the obvious), so there wasn't much reason for the PD to hassle him. And, you must remember the police didn't hassle White Owl until he violated a court order. That is not my definition of "hassle", more like doing their job.

thatonedude 7 years ago

Cops were as cool with White Owl as anyone when he was first making himself known on campus. He didn't really hurt anybody, just yelled and danced a lot. I will say, having interacted with him frequently before his arrest, that his behavior over the last year was becoming erratic, which is saying something when we're talking about frickin' White Owl!

BigPrune 7 years ago

sorry, White Cloud is toilet paper. I meant White Owl*

ralphralph 7 years ago

Banned from the whole campus? How many places can the ex- be at one time? Seems excessive to tell someone that they can't go in a public place because someone else MIGHT be there, or because JoCo's think he is freaky ... which is just freaky, not a crime, unless you do it it certain ways. The Owl must have his roost. It should be possible that the roost be on campus.

notjustastudent 7 years ago

Jerseygirl- you have no knowledge that his exfiance was forced to do anything (and saying "probably" doesn't make a difference to me, your implications are obvious). This is extremely rude and degrading to many individuals, women especially, who have had similar problems. I don't doubt that you have had a negative experience in regards to this type of situation (one question- if the woman was so crazy why would the man want to be around her anyway?), but try to remember that your experience isn't the norm, and even if it was (which it clearly isn't), it doesn't represent every situation.

Ralphralph- I agree to an extent, except that he violated a restraining order twice, didn't show up for court, and was convicted of stealing University property (library books). If someone steals from a store, the owner can ban them from returning. So in this case it isn't excessive at all.

Personally, I'm happy he won't be around anymore...

pace 7 years ago

The comment gossip doesn't fit any of the facts of my knowledge. That is the nature of gossip, just imagine something, then say it.

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

notjustastudent - you don't think the young lady's family didn't have an issue with their 23-year-old daughter/sister being engage to a man in his 60's? Fine, she wasn't forced to break off the engagement or take out the order. She came to her senses and realized that it wasn't going to work for whatever reason she decided it wasn't going to work. As for individuals, especially women, with the same problem, are there really that many 23-year-olds out there getting engaged to 60-something local colorful characters? As for my friend, he married Eva after a rather short courtship because she made him laugh more than anyone he had ever met. The crazies didn't really kick in until after they had their son.

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

pace - so why don't you dispel the gossip and share with us the facts of your knowledge?

beatrice 7 years ago

And to think, it was only a year and a half ago that they seemed like such a happy couple.

Gee, who could have thought it would end badly?

OldEnuf2BYurDad 7 years ago

Right now, White Owl feels more like White Cloud.

Tony Kisner 7 years ago

One more miss understood holy man bites the dust.

KansasPerson 7 years ago

@JerseyGirl, shame on you. The ex-fiancee that you're theorizing about is not some character in a story; she's a living breathing person with a story of her own, and you don't know any of it. Cut it out and leave her alone.

Uhjh 7 years ago

Glad to see him go - needs to get a job!

bearded_gnome 7 years ago

what? no ravings from little Mikie-blur defending his friend white-towl?


Doesn't look like being employed as a school crossing guard is in his future.


you suppose we could get white-towl to stand on top of the cat-tracker bus???

SirReal 7 years ago

somebodynew said: If I remember correctly (and I am too lazy to research) the restraining order was something to do with a female he wasn't supposed to be around, not the campus itself. Now again, I am operating off of old and sometimes faulty memory, so if I am wrong, I apologize beforehand.

don't you remember anyone -?

Yes I saw him at Target a couple or so years ago and he was with his young college age wife who he got pregnant? That's every parents dream, to have their daughter go off to college and get impregnated by a 60 something local hippie.. I like hippies, but not ones who prey on young women, keep him away from campus please.

SirReal 7 years ago

This is the article about how his 23 year old ex-fiancee wanted to testify against him in court but he didn't show up... Hippies are good, this guy is just a predatory burnout, KEEP HIM AWAY FROM CAMPUS...

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

How am I picking on the ex-fiance? The last thing I said about her is that she came to her senses and decided it wasn't going to work for whatever reason she decided it wasn't going to work. You're right, I don't know her. But I wouldn't be the first person to be more than skeptical about a relationship and the people involved in it when there is a 39-year age difference. I'm sure she is a perfectly lovely woman. She seems to have a few defenders here. I just have to wonder about someone who thinks that a local colorful character 39 years her senior is her soul mate. And I know I'm not the only one. And if you do know her personally, are you really going to tell me you weren't a little concerned by their whirlwind relationship? Hell, they were engaged within a month of meeting each other!!! Obviously, there was something wrong with the relationship because it ended with a protection order. I'm sorry, as lovely and delightful as she may be, from all impressions given here, she is lacking some common sense.

theseventhsign 7 years ago

this morning Jimmy and Julia were together at hy-vee. he was walking up to strangers asking if they were "surprised to see us together?" they smelled of herb. he needed a bath.

KansasPerson 7 years ago

Heck yeah I was concerned, JerseyGirl, and I still am, especially when I saw them together in a public place this morning (not Hy-Vee, somewhere else). I nearly fell over.

I am in no way saying I thought that was a solid healthy relationship; I was only objecting to the speculating on what her family might or might not have forced her to do. I overstated my opinion and I'm sorry for that. I don't think she's without issues, that's for darn sure (same goes for him). In similar situations, I've seen the friends/families of the Julias of the world eventually lose patience with the drama. Sometimes a person loses their support system without meaning to, just because they were in another place (mentally or whatever) and didn't care at that point. Later, when they care again, the friends/families are less willing to sympathize.

However, having said all that (and I had to get it out of my system), let me reiterate (mostly to myself) that she may have demons I have no clue about, and I should remember to err on the side of compassion.

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